KKKatie BBBusted!

The angry young lady that defaced that Chris Lux mural and a wall near 20th and Valencia was caught in the act during Bay To Breakers this weekend after she allegedly bit a police officer and tried to spray paint a dude.

Katherine “KKKatie” Dunbar now faces a double-whammy of vandalism and hate crime charges. Bummer for all her apparent fans on MM. Count me out of those, though. I only support Brangelina-approved street art.

Full scoop on SFAppeal.


Spurned Scenester Sullies Sightly Street Art

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34 Responses to “KKKatie BBBusted!”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    It would have had such a nice ring to it: Kevin & Katie. And eventually their hot, sweaty, monkey-sex resulting love child, Kelwin. Alas, its not to be.

  2. I think this is so sad.

  3. Duder says:


  4. dude says:

    I don’t know…seems kinda wrong to post an image of a facebook page that probably isn’t even hers. A 19 y/o from Mass.?

    • dude says:

      or a “myspace” page, rather. I couldn’t let my error remain uncorrected.

      • suckerpunch says:

        Uhhh, in case you haven’t noticed, this blog posts many images that aren’t actually related to the ‘story’.
        Kinda annoying, I agree.

  5. skeeellloooo says:

    This is the same girl who tagged the inside of Grace Cathedral @ EpiscoDisco.

    Let her spend some quality time in the slammer.

  6. freekkkatie says:

    FREE KKKATIE….sweetest girl ever!!!! fuck all the rules

  7. Lettum Havitt says:

    You guys are idiots.

    Free her? Do you have 20% of $250,000?

  8. dummy says:

    yo all you guys i seen this bitch! she looks like problem child


    very ugly, very dumb, she prolly goin to hades sumtime soon

  9. bobby cezar says:

    this one fool i met once got with her! it sucks to be him hes haunted for life hahahaha!!!! she look like a mixture between budnick, pete and pete and wild thornberry…


    shes verrrrrrrry ugly! she had a bowl cut and no body!!! she should got back to school like that bitch billy madison and learn how the human brain is sposed to work!!!

  10. !!! Free KKKatie !!!! says:


    Words and ideas have seen leaders come, go, and die for what they believe. People want freedom and justice but it is here. I think KKKatie realizes that this is a greater notion than you know or want to know. KKKatie and her reasons for tagging are far more complex than a burrito and a PBR. Art embarks on ideas and notions we overlook and dismiss as societies flaws. Why not put them in your face and try not to dismiss the things/people that make “us” as a culture. She is not a racist. It makes us look at what we value as people. KKKatie is one of my favorite contemporary artists of this age; bringing issues that have been swept under the rug for too long. She is bringing to light ideas people still have and try to hide. Not only making a name for herself in an urban environment of majority white rich people complaining a lot about problems and drinking them away. This is art @ its greatest point; it is scary, abrasive, and in your face.

    This Girl is A Stupid Genius.

    Art is in the eyes of the beholder…she made you look.

    !!! Free KKKatie !!!

    • Lettum Havitt says:

      Please don’t act like you know ANYTHING about graffiti and/or why people do it.

      Not racism? Swastikas and kkk. Think about what those things mean to people. Even if that dumb bitch didn’t mean to be racist it sure as fuck came off that way.

      I repeat my previous statement. You are an idiot.

    • snacks says:

      hold up, just trying to get this pbr can open…

  11. Ed Jew says:

    I agree with FREE KKKatie!!

    OK, the obvious – the letters “KKK” on a wall will make almost anyone freak their shit. Yes. True. And written by a white girl? Srsly problematic.

    If that kills any hope of redemption in your eyes, I will not hate on you for it.

    But if that’s all you’ve seen, and not seen her other works – tags, zines, etc. – then I can tttotally see why you might hate her.

    She’s an anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist political street artist who refuses to make anything she does palatable. She has no racist intent. People would probably be much happier if she were “Cupcake Katie” and had white girl dreads, narly tats and facial piercings, and posted tried-and-true political slogan #1035 of the era. Instead, she fucking OWNS who she is and what she sees.

    A white girl calling *herself” “KKKatie” is probably too much brutal honesty and more than most people can handle.

    The Diesel ad campaign right now: “Be Stupid.” And right next to it in red paint: “Be Urself. KKKatie.”

    How many of you actually follow through on your actions and put yourself on hte line?

    Love her or hate her, she clearly doesn’t need approval. But she probably needs bail.

    • bobby cezar says:

      “not seen her other works…tags,zines,etc” yo… her tags are the kkkatie ones duuuuhhh… oh yeah and etc? what is she a multimedia artist who makes 3d animation and sculptures?

    • freeKKKatie says:

      As soon as I heard she was in Jail I looked to Bail her out…..way expensive…sweetest girl ever !!!
      Free KKKatie

  12. sam says:

    k-k-katie is an old folk song from the 20s or 30s. What is
    all the fuss about? Ive enjoyed seeing her work all over san francisco.
    Sure beats looking at all those silly gannet ads at bus stops.

    Free KKKatie!

  13. awrpiojork says:

    She had a Schizophrenic break over the last year.

    Reading the comments on your blog is so depressing, you should disable them.

  14. Segway says:

    It’s like getting mad at some bum for talking to himself. Good Luck.

    • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

      Why are you singling-out BUMS for talking to themselves? Bluetooth-enabled dingbats (mostly latin-americans on BART, in my experience), are at least as worthy of your scorn.

  15. freeKKKatie says:

    Obviously not Boring
    !!! FEB !!!

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  19. greed says:

    fuck freeing this one dumb girl.. she was nothing more than a idiot who could not come to terms with her lack of street art skills and fake ‘zine attempts. thanks to a dumb person, now real street art has more to look out for, rules have changed, and above all else we lost ground as far as being accepted to the rest of the san francisco community. its not “GANSTA” or “STREET” to go deface a well done mural for the sake of getting ppl to notice you. this is why most of us in the graff community just crossed her out when we saw her pathetic attempt at tagging. while i fully support all form of art, and expression, i do not support vandalism from an angry girl that spreads and targets hate. why cant we have more singing catus ?

  20. below says:

    All you graffiti “artists” that talk about beautifying spaces are idiots. Beautifying spaces is the bullsh*t propaganda used to get some sympathy from the mainstream, and you’re buying your own propaganda. It’s the “creative class” horsesh*t that comes when white kids move into black neighborhoods and then steal graffiti to turn it into a commodity to be bought and sold, like “real art.” Your art should be defaced because it has no balls and it is part of a socio-economic movement to displace poor people and other undesirables, like kkkatie. A tag on a monument that says “all this means nothing” has far more weight as art than a bunch of primary colors painted on corrugated steel.

    And I can’t help but notice the ridiculous hypocrisy of this website having posts making fun of hipsters, when it is so obviously concerned with superficial aesthetics and everything hip.

  21. Definitely From Within says:

    Testing History’s Repression

  22. FRANK says:


  23. uh says:

    what about the part of her spraypainting a black dude in the face during bay to breakers because he saw her tag some racist shit and then she goes and tells the cops he tried to rape her?

  24. [...] She was condemned by the street art community and her friends. Finally, at Bay to Breakers, she was caught allegedly spray painting on a dude and threatening to accuse him of rape if he did anything about [...]

  25. FREEKKKATIE says:

    NONE of you idiots know anything about graff so stop talkin you tenderhearted hipsters. she is in one of the most famous crews in frisco THR.
    You guys dont know a thing about her so stop talking.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      How famous her “crew” may be doesn’t really have anything to do with the fact that she is a talentless shitbird, though, now does it?

  26. FREEKKKATIE says:

    YALL have your whole story about her anyway of course the media is gonna twist the whole story about her anyway

  27. Jon says:

    any update on this? And why does MissionMission continue to feature her trashy vandalism?