The Tastiest Little Breakfast in Town Now Confined to Weekends

Good thing it’s Saturday! Reader Jason fills us in on some bittersweet news about what some have called the tastiest little breakfast town:

Just an update – They gave up on their amazingly tasty breakfast. They now open at 11:30 Mon-Fri, and 9AM on Sat & Sun.

Here’s the text of a note posted to their door:

To our breakfast customers:

We are no longer be open for breakfast Monday through Friday.

Come visit us on the weekend for brunch. We have a full breakfast menu including your favorite breakfast sandwich and four barrel coffee.

Brunch served Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Read on.

Thanks, Jason!

Photo by Sexiest P.

One Response to “The Tastiest Little Breakfast in Town Now Confined to Weekends”

  1. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Guess it must really cost a lot to have this place open, because I walked up to their door at 11:29 on Wednesday, all set to spend $15 or so, read this new sign, and walked away.

    What annoys me is — they couldn’t touch base with their community? The concept of a “press release” to sites like Mission Mission is still some kind of futuristic potential activity for tomorrow? In 2010?!