Mission Bicycle Festival: Like a Mini-Interbike for the Neighborhood

The Mission Bicycle Festival commenced this past Sunday despite the efforts of concerned NIMBYs and was (as SF Citizen would proudly say) a huge success, thanks in part to the beautiful 80 degree weather and diligently organized volunteer corps.  Locally crafted bike gear by artisans and vendors such as Box Dog Bikes, Rickshaw Bagworks, and Mission Workshop were on full display in a friendly environment that was far less daunting than the massive Interbike convention I checked out in Vegas last week:

(BTW, way better Interbike photos can be found over at Box Dog Blog)

Thanks to the Mission Bicycle Company for organizing such a wonderful representation of velo-culture in the neighborhood (and the Women’s Building too, of course)!  While I wasn’t brave enough to enter the trackstand competition to compete for a brand new Valencia frameset, it was still cool to witness along with the bunny hop contest and unicycle basketball.

Also, I’m pretty sure Interbike didn’t have a S’mores-cycle!

See you next year!

2 Responses to “Mission Bicycle Festival: Like a Mini-Interbike for the Neighborhood”

  1. Zack says:

    I’d be really grateful if MissionMission published blurbs about events like this in advance of them happening; I hadn’t heard of this before now, and would have attended if you did a post on it last week. Thanks!

  2. Andrew Sarkarati says:

    oh < a href="/2010/09/15/mission-bicycle-festival-next-weekend/" rel="nofollow">but we did! perhaps we could have timed it a little later for relevancy’s sake, but we wanted to get the word out early!