I Love Your Hat!

Figuring the electro night of the TI Music Festival would be the most appropriate time ever to wear such an awesome hat, Allan was disappointed that no one commented on his Swomp Thang lid’s awesomeness the whole time we were there.  Then, while waiting in the hour-long line for the shuttle at the end of the show, he finally got an “I love your hat!” from a random fellow line-waiter.

As he was mentioning to the rest of us how nice it was that the hat had finally received its deserved accolades, a completely different person shuffled past in the contra-lateral line and exclaimed, “I love your hat!”  Cosmic occurrence or past-due acknowledgment?  I can’t decide.

Want a Womp Hat of your own?  You can find them here.

[Photo L-R:  1st Row Me, Natalie, Elisa, Allan2nd Row Mischievous Ne'er-do-wells]


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8 Responses to “I Love Your Hat!”

  1. AT0MIKFR0 says:

    That is not a good hat.

  2. Glenparker says:

    Something a Puerto Vallarta beach vendor would wear after it’s been discarded by a drunk Canadian.

  3. Katie says:

    Amazing photo, really.

  4. kiya says:

    I thought Allan stopped drinking.

  5. Elisa says:

    Oh man couldn’t you link me to this instead?

  6. Yell says:

    Thank you for reppin’ my handiwork. I’m glad you enjoy it!