Swomp Thang

This is by far, in the three plus years I’ve been doing this, the piece of street art I’ve been most thrilled to post.

Meet SWOMP THANG, a modern monster with modern problems and modern sensibilities.

Courtesy of our pal Penelope P.

7 Responses to “Swomp Thang”

  1. Reisanbin says:

    Very cool. I saw a PT Cruiser this past Thursday with a swamp cooler installed on the passenger side window: total retro.

  2. el jeffe says:

    “Swamp Thong” would be funnier.

  3. Kyle Madison says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a “Swomp”?

  4. Swomp Thang is the urban cousin to Swamp Thing. He is toxic sewage that mutated into a ‘muck-encrusted mockery of a man’


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  7. ecinca says:

    the size of a marble, the iriver mplayer is a 1gb music player that comes with headphones on a lanyard, so you can wear the player my cousin had one of those once. cd player [countable].