The Rent is Too Damn High Event is Nigh

While this event may not be directly related to the Kung-Fu Master/Colonial Sanders lookalike/Afro-puff bearded NY mayorial candidate, I think we can all agree that the rent in San Francisco is, in fact, “too damn high”. Why should we have to settle for living in Concord or worse yet: moving in with lame-o chore wheeling rent controlled roomies?

The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco helps you enjoy some of the most tenant-favorable laws in the country, and they are having a benefit at the Makeout Room next Thursday from 6-8:30. The event will feature free 4 Barrel coffee, live music, silent auction, happy hour drinks, and special guests (including Supervisor David Campos).

Details in the flyer below:

8 Responses to “The Rent is Too Damn High Event is Nigh”

  1. piratesnack says:

    I suspect that most of the policies this group supports actually make rents higher.

  2. mitchun says:

    Agreed. The most basic law of economics is supply and demand. They actively fight against new development, thus restricting supply (while demand remains high).

    Where did they think all those “yuppies” who were going to live in the condos they didn’t allow to get built were going to go? That’s right. They move into an existing apartment and pay more money for it. Thus, rents are high.

  3. MrEricSir says:

    Want lower rents? Throw your garbage on the sidewalk, spray graffiti everywhere, and encourage gang activity. The rents will drop like a rock.

  4. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    I’m waiting for the “David Campos is too damn absolutist (just like Chris Daly) Party.”

  5. Bob says:

    Please attend this– we need keep everything dumpy in our neighborhood so rich stay away. Campos keep everything dumpy.