Encounters with crazy people in SF

At Saturday’s Believer/Tumblr event at the Makeout Room, there were more than a couple of stories about encountering crazy people on the streets of SF. Turtle-enthusiast/multiple-dog-owner Mills Baker read this entertaining piece about an aspiring religious musical songwriter and future mother of quintuplets:

Now that I think about it, everyone I know who lives in or has visited the city has a favorite crazy person story. I guess that’s one good thing that came from the Reagan administration.

Rock band is the new little league

Check out this video of a kiddo rock band rocking Rage Against the Machine’s ”Killing in the name” at the Makeout Room. Apparently kids’ taste in music hasn’t changed in 15 years, because I was playing this exact song with my shitty garage band then (although not nearly as well):

First of all: it’s sung by a girl, so take that, gender roles. Secondly, all 17 “Fuck You”s are fully intact, along with the “MOTHERFUCKERRRRR” at the end. That takes some serious guts, considering their moms are probably in the audience. Third, the lead guitarist who takes Tom Morello’s whammy pedal solo probably plays better than you do.

If you’re interested in  signing up your kid for this sort of awesomeness, the show was put on by SF Rock Project.

In other news, “rock ‘n’ roll band” has been officially removed from the list of ways to rebel against your parents. What’s next, drugs?

The Rent is Too Damn High Event is Nigh

While this event may not be directly related to the Kung-Fu Master/Colonial Sanders lookalike/Afro-puff bearded NY mayorial candidate, I think we can all agree that the rent in San Francisco is, in fact, “too damn high”. Why should we have to settle for living in Concord or worse yet: moving in with lame-o chore wheeling rent controlled roomies?

The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco helps you enjoy some of the most tenant-favorable laws in the country, and they are having a benefit at the Makeout Room next Thursday from 6-8:30. The event will feature free 4 Barrel coffee, live music, silent auction, happy hour drinks, and special guests (including Supervisor David Campos).

Details in the flyer below:

SF Mixtape Society This Sunday @ The Makeout Room

The SF Mixtape Society is hosting their second event at the Makeout Room this Sunday, April 4th. The theme is “Fools Rush In”. No mixtape required to attend, but if you want to leave with one you gotta bring one. There will be prizes for the best track listing and artwork.

Get to work! You only have four days to comb through Thrift Town for a casette recorder and figure out how to cleverly work in Da Brat’s Funkafied into the mix.

  • The Makeout Room on 22nd b/t Mission and Valencia
  • Sunday, April 4th, 4-6pm
  • No cover


Mortified by Mixtapes

Mortified by Mixtapes

While not quite as bad as recounting your teenage diaries to strangers, the idea of someone judging your taste in music can induce squeamishness in even the most confident would-be DJs.

Nonetheless, the San Francisco Mixtape Society wants you to put those fears aside and check out its inaugural event at the Makeout Room on Sunday, January 31 from 4-6pm.  They propose a “Secret Santa” gathering where everybody who brings a mixtape leaves with one created by someone else.  Of course, there will be JUDGES and prizes to entice along the way.  No word yet on whether the $2 Pabst and $3 well happy hour prices will be in effect, but early indications are favorable.

USBs and CDs are acceptable, but Cassettes are marriageable, apparently.  We’re letting you know about this early so you can get to work!  The theme is “Cities vs. Towns,” but I already suspect my extensive ABBA collection will be the deciding factor here.

<image by fitacola.com>

Jim Campilongo @ the Makeout Room Tonight

You may not know his name, but you’ve definitely heard Jim Campilongo‘s tasteful telecaster playing on records by Norah Jones and Cake. The guy is a goddamned wizard on that guit-box and he will be joined by legendary pedal steel player Bobby Black at the Makeout Room tonight. Expect some shit kickin’ hillbilly jazz in Jimmy Bryant / Speedy West tradition.

A bit pricey for a mission show at $15 (that’s like 3 burritos), but if you can spring it I’m sure you wont be disappointed. Here are the details:

3225 22ND ST.
415 647-2888


Here’s a video of Jim doin’ his thing (that shirt is pretty bad, but don’t hold it against him):