Harry Potter and Spongebob Squarepants want to live with you

My best guess here is that the rental market in San Francisco is so competitive that two desperate people from Baton Rouge are advertising their creative, nerdy and humorous approach to life in order to charm someone into contacting them to move into their apartment.

My question is, will this work? And if so, would it work again? Looking for apartments in the Mission on Craigslist is to be confronted with a harsh reality – rents are pretty much twice what you want them to be. Showing up at open houses and finding people clamoring over one another, offering hundreds more than the listed rent can be a major bummer. Is this actually a saner, more reasonable approach?

The Rent is Too Damn High Event is Nigh

While this event may not be directly related to the Kung-Fu Master/Colonial Sanders lookalike/Afro-puff bearded NY mayorial candidate, I think we can all agree that the rent in San Francisco is, in fact, “too damn high”. Why should we have to settle for living in Concord or worse yet: moving in with lame-o chore wheeling rent controlled roomies?

The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco helps you enjoy some of the most tenant-favorable laws in the country, and they are having a benefit at the Makeout Room next Thursday from 6-8:30. The event will feature free 4 Barrel coffee, live music, silent auction, happy hour drinks, and special guests (including Supervisor David Campos).

Details in the flyer below: