Interview with the roommate-seeking Facebook advertiser

Street food babe and SF subletter by choice Valerie Luu interviewed that girl we posted about last week who was having such a hard time finding a place to live that she resorted to facebook advertising. Was her search fruitful? Apparently not:

What did people say?

“You’re fucking dumb.” is one that struck out the most because I don’t think there’s anything dumb about utilizing a popular social network to help.

Anything helps, right? So why not use it?

I’ve gotten offers from people who wanted me to live with them and I even made a few friends! But mostly what they were offering wasn’t ideal to me (like sharing a house room with two other people, or relocating to Oakland.)

Damn, well if she can’t share a room with two other people, then forget about renting half a bed. So she’s moving back to Seattle for now, the mythical land of sub-$3000 900 sq. ft. studios.

Read on over at SubletSF.

$450 a month for half a bed, non-cuddlers preferred

Dang, and you thought Mission rentals were bad. In Nob Hill, you gotta pay $450 a month for half a bed:

________ Looking for a full time male employee or student who is a currently working or studying professionally,clean, responsible, respectful and trustworthy ( prefer morning shift ) ideally someone with less belonging and less stuffs

*** Perfect location for business traveller / short term visitor / new commer / someone needs a temporary place before moving on / or who currently work and study closed by financial district / someone travelling locally or around downtown San Francisco

At least there are some partition pillows to enforce stay-on-your-side, but ‘cmon. The guy could at least get his shit together and get a bunk bed.

[Craigslist via CurbedSF]

The Rent is Too Damn High Event is Nigh

While this event may not be directly related to the Kung-Fu Master/Colonial Sanders lookalike/Afro-puff bearded NY mayorial candidate, I think we can all agree that the rent in San Francisco is, in fact, “too damn high”. Why should we have to settle for living in Concord or worse yet: moving in with lame-o chore wheeling rent controlled roomies?

The Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco helps you enjoy some of the most tenant-favorable laws in the country, and they are having a benefit at the Makeout Room next Thursday from 6-8:30. The event will feature free 4 Barrel coffee, live music, silent auction, happy hour drinks, and special guests (including Supervisor David Campos).

Details in the flyer below:

Cruel Landlord Smears Blood, Feces on Tenants' Door

Says the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition blog:

The Corado family are one of the last remaining long-term Latino working-class tenants in their building. The landlord has tripled the rent on the other vacant units and will resort to anything to force the Corado family out of their home. She has locked them out of their home three times in one week, smeared blood and feces on their front door, and falsely accused them of physical assault almost causing a wrongful arrest of an innocent tenant.

The organization is throwing a party tomorrow evening (featuring tamales and chocolate) to support the family. Link.