Vegan bloody mary on the schedule for the MM Bloody Mary Tour?

After seeing all of our bloody mary hullabaloo last week, Jessi from Thieves Tavern got in touch to make sure everyone knew that a tasty bloody mary without anchovy paste is being served every Sunday from noon to five (with free pita, chips, and hummus too)!

They’re 6 dollars and really good and spicy…I use vegan worcestershire sauce, and pack ‘em with pickled and spicy veggies

Sounds scrumptious!  We might have to stop by this weekend during our MM Bloody Mary Tour.  What’s that?  Haven’t yet heard?  Well, since so many different spots were described so fanatically by so many different commenters, we figured we had to try to find out which was the BEST.  To remedy that, we’re embarking on a tour this weekend to hit up all of the favorite spots.

So far, we’re thinking 500 Club, Zeitgeist, Bender’s, Thieves, the Phonebooth, the Attic, and Pop’s.  Any other ones we’ve missed?  The schedule is TBD, but rest assured that it’s happening this weekend and that there will be scorecards!  Oh, and we definitely wouldn’t mind a little company if anyone wants to come along!

[Photo by the ever-talented Ariel]

30 Responses to “Vegan bloody mary on the schedule for the MM Bloody Mary Tour?”

  1. Barbara Graber says:

    If you’re also heading out of the Mission, Zuni has deeeeelicious Bloody Marys, worth crossing Market St.

  2. GG says:

    Whoa, when I was still drinking I had plenty of Bloody Marys, completely ignorant of the fact that they had anchovy paste in them. Vegetarian fail.

  3. I’ve had Jessi’s bloody marys. super spicy and delicious.

    she also makes a great manhattan.

  4. cliff notes says:

    vegan worcestershire? thats worst vegan cheese! have fun drinking your sub par drink, and telling yourself it’s just like the real thing!

  5. buzzgirl says:

    Yay! I’m glad the tour is happening…I actually drew out a neighborhood map, mapping out the bloody marys with the prices/features. I was going to take a drunken tour alone. This sounds like much more fun. Should I bring the Bakon vodka? :)

    • loves bacon says:

      Instead of asking a bartender to do something that could potentially get them fired, why not just go to a bar that serves bacon vodka.

      Not sure which ones do in the mission, but when I was doing the tourist thing while the parents were in town, discovered that rogue in north beach has it. (ugh, i know, but bacon vodka might make it worth braving that neighborhood). The bartender even make a ‘green eggs and ham’ shot with it, which was not as gross as it sounds.

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    It’s ok if it made without anchovies, as long as it’s made with Beefamato juice.

    And has pepperoni in it.

  7. Dang says:

    Absinthe, Alembic, Elixir

  8. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Also? For serious? Can we stop coddling the cultists yet?

  9. Would someone who doesn’t mind weeding through all the Atkins Diet drinks please find a bar that actually makes a real Bloody Mary?

  10. Jessi says:

    The vegan bloody marys are at Thieves Tavern at 14th and Guerrero every SUNDAY not every Saturday! Thanks!

  11. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Doc’s Clock did a damnfine bloody mary when they used to do their pop-up brunch on Sundays, but that is, sadly, on indefinite hiatus right now.


  12. Tommy says:

    Looking forward to the results…

  13. SumumaSam says:

    Brian, who works Saturdays at Mission Bar, makes a good bloody mary. If you buy a drink on Saturday from Brian he’ll give you a free chili dog. His chili kicks ass too! … he won the chili contest at Bottom of the Hill on Superbowl Sunday!

  14. Janelle says:

    Is this on Saturday or Sunday? My votes is for Saturday — bacon Bloody Marys at the 500!!

  15. Rachel says:

    Errr…a BM can be made vegan by just leaving out the worshhietnslgrltjsnfd.
    And yeah, I think bringing in your own bottle would be a huge no no.
    Maybe give the bar manager a real nice box of chocolates and ask them to order a bottle, wait a few weeks and come in to order it?

  16. natasha says:

    I feel like I should embark on this bloody marry pilgrimage with you because I still havent had a bloody marry I liked, perhaps I just don’t like them…but…

    I would like to be proved wrong.

  17. I got yer Bloody Marys right here!