MM Bloody Marython Saturday

The first-ever MM Bloody Marython went down this past Saturday, and thanks to everyone who participated it ended up being quite a blast!  We started at noon at the 500 Club and proceeded to also stop at Elixir, Zeitgeist, and Bender’s, drinking one bloody mary at each bar.  Needless to say, things got a little sloppy towards the end, but we made sure to take copious notes in case we didn’t quite remember everything!

We utilized a methodical approach that featured scorecards consisting of several distinct categories such as taste, texture, spiciness, accoutrements, alcohol content, overall presentaton, and bartender.  These were filled out by everyone on the tour as well as by patrons who happened to be drinking bloody marys at each bar and wanted to get in on the action.  Indeed, mild cases of favoritism were apparent, as a few of the bartenders seemed to have their own fan clubs in attendance.

As such, you can’t rely on the numbers alone, but they help to qualitatively identify clear trends.  For instance, the 500 Club consistently got the highest scores for accoutrements (owing to the high quality bacon, among other exotic ingredients) and bartender, while Zeitgeist got low scores for bartender by remote judges even though those of us who actually showed up were pleasantly surprised by how polite ours turned out to be (even after I tried to mess with him by tossing a credit card onto the bar to pay for the drinks).

In the end the scores were super close and each version was separated by a mere point, with 500 Club coming in first followed by Elixir, Bender’s, and Zeitgeist.  But of course it’s all about the context, so be sure to read our little breakdowns for each spot:

500 Club




Since we can’t so much as even look at a bloody mary right now without feeling queasy, we’ll need some time to recover before the next MM Bloody Marython, but keep your eyes peeled here and we’ll let you know when the Sunday edition is going down.  At the moment, we’re thinking Pop’s, Thieves, Dirty Thieves, Argus, and the Attic.  Thanks again to everyone who showed up and helped make this such an awesome time, and special thanks to all the bartenders for making such fantastic drinks and putting up with all of us!

16 Responses to “MM Bloody Marython Saturday”

  1. Thank you for doing the hard work for us. If I may suggest, a shot of Guinness in a Bloody does wonders for the balance of powers: a little bitterness, a little body, smooths out any rough edges.

  2. FAIL for “accoutrements”,otherwise known as “foreign objects”, and for spiciness.

  3. Note to hipster mixologists: It’s the end of the celery stalk, not the whole goddam stalk!

    • moderniste says:

      Correcto. Ideally, use one of the interior light green tender stalks with a couple of leaves attached. From my days behind the plank, my secret ingredient was a dash a A-1 sauce to add a bit of sweetness against all that salt.

    • moderniste says:

      Also, I just hafta ask…what was the level of indigestion after this epic event? And if there was vomit, was it painful or merely tingly? I can only imagine…

  4. notavirgin says:

    500CLUB WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO also the biggest bang for your buck – yay rachel!

  5. buzzgirl says:

    The spiciness made my nose run…not necessarily a bad thing, but I couldn’t taste anything else :( Also, I am morally opposed to okra, so I couldn’t get down with that. Props for the vodka content, tho.

    Thanks for making this tour a reality, you crazy kids.

  6. buzzgirl says:

    Oh. So, I just noticed my previous comment should’ve been left under the 500 Club entry. My bad.

  7. tacotron says:

    what is the mexican stand off that is advertised? intrigued

    • Rachel says:

      Mexican Standoff – shot of tequila, shot of BM mix, shot of beer. Taken in order, hopefully with a ass ton of people as a competition. Be warned – a true effin barf inducer if you over do it but seemingly a great idea at the time.
      I can make them less spicy or with out extra goodies – but the regs like all the goodies and I bend easily to the wills of paying customers.

  8. Rachel says:

    Hey! Also, Jessica is having a fundraiser at The 500 this Thursday night – she is doing the AIDS Lifecycle ride – come on in after 8 pm and rally for her! She is the day tender on Thursdays and super awesome to boot!