Our favorite hangover elixir, illustrated

The Bold Italic compares the city’s Bloody Marys, complete with cross-sectional illustrations. Almost half of them can be found in the Mission, including several past contenders of the Mission Mission Bloody Marython. It makes perfect sense that the city’s most vibrant neighborhood would be responsible for the best in the world’s most complex cocktail.

7 Responses to “Our favorite hangover elixir, illustrated”

  1. GG says:

    It was generous of you not to point out that they obviously stole MM’s idea. I like their graphic representations though.

    FWIW, I don’t think anyone can ever seriously compete with Zeitgeist, but it’s been a long time since I used to drink so I’ll reluctantly concede that maybe the Mary landscape of SF has changed during that time.

  2. buzzgirl says:

    Wow, way to bite our steeze BI.

  3. Figures — all the real Bloody Marys, these days, are outside the Mish. Suddenly, I know what it is like to hate hipsters.

  4. Quin2013 says:

    have to point out that a beer mary should had been included.

    Or like an old friend used to do is coca-cola with beer. Mainly a dark beer like guiness & coca-cola.

    Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it actually tasted good.

  5. tacotron says:

    Inside the mission, so far I like Bender’s the best.(plus the fucking food!) To me, it’s not cool to be an asshole so mehXalot to Zeitgeist. After returning home we conceded to create our own.Try putting that fruit seasoning in it!(Tajin, or Lucas not the sweet kind) but I still like paying someone to make that shit for me haha