Eagle Dogs, Blind Cat

Although there still seems to be plenty of disagreement over whether it’s cool to eat food in bars, one place where you will not run into that dilemma is at the Blind Cat on 24th and Treat, home of the chilaquile bloody marys Mondays.  To help reinforce that fact, our pal Tom is posting up outside the door in the evenings to offer you some of the most delicious drunk food you can find.

Starting this past weekend, the Eagle Dogs cart is around most nights of the week (Monday-Saturday) from 6pm-midnight and features your basic no-nonsense, scrumptious, California beef hot dogs with heaping mountains of grilled (on pineapple) onions  and a fetching assortment of condiments to balance it all out.  Just what you need to sustain yourself for the inevitable whiskey binge that will be happening later that night.

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2 Responses to “Eagle Dogs, Blind Cat”

  1. Sick of Selfish Pricks says:

    This hipster asshole needs to either A) move to another corner or B)stop using the generator he’s using to power his hipster weenie stand.

    What a prick to show up night after night with the loud generator. It’s louder than a lawnmower, and he’s out every night until after midnight. C’mon, dude. So selfish.

  2. Sick of Selfish Pricks says:

    Ahhhh, thank god this guy isn’t down there tonight. Blissfully quiet for the first time in a week since he’d arrived. Even the bar patrons are glad for him to be gone – the neighbors certainly are.