Bubble up and explode

If you’ve lived in California for at least a minute, you know about bubble tea, or boba. In its most basic form, it is a mixture of tea, milk, and a bunch of chewy tapioca balls (boba) that you extract from your cup with a giant plastic straw. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, where the word “boba” also happens to be slang for boobs.

Our buddy Bin (aka YMFY) is about to launch his new boba tea shop in the heart of the Mission. He and his business partner Andrew plan to offer the traditional black milk tea as well as a few specialty flavors, all made from natural and artisanal ingredients. Last week, Bin gave us a preview of what lies ahead, and things are looking pretty tasty. Starting this week, the Boba Guys will be profiled in GOOD Magazine twice a week, so follow along as they build their shop from the ground up.

21 Responses to “Bubble up and explode”

  1. Tony T. says:

    Bubble tea is great if you like the sensation of chewing boogers.

  2. Andreas Karlsson says:

    My prediction:

    The heart of Mission + bubble tea = Asian girls with white guy clientele.

  3. I LOVE BUBBLE TEA! Looking forward to trying theirs – hoping they’ll do an almond flavored one, it’s the best!

  4. deep says:



  5. Justin says:

    Wow! What a deep, penetrating piece of journalism.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to post ads instead of blog posts from now on?

  6. Matthew says:

    Maple bacon boba?

  7. SFdoggy says:

    Are you going to tell us where the store is? Or is this the first boba speakeasy?

  8. scum says:

    A friend of mine says bubble tea reminds her of jizz.

  9. GIL says:

    Are you just going to ignore the fact that a place like this already exists in the “heart of the mission”?


    • Brillo says:

      apparently Chamalyn isn’t natural/artisanal/schmancy enough to get this blog’s (or Good’s) attention.

  10. MrEricSir says:

    Wait, so fads from 2000 are already retro?

  11. TheDukeofSF says:

    I hope they get the most important part of the drink right – the BOBA! The tea could be amazing, but if the boba isn’t cooked to perfection, the whole drink will be a failure. Also wouldn’t hurt if they offer pudding. That’s my ultimate favorite these days from Half & Half in San Gabriel. Honey Boba and Pudding!