Mission Market mural bombed

In all caps, no less.

Bummer, if only this dude used the Revolution Cafe bathroom right around the corner first, he may have decided instead to “study graff. history & go tag a bank.” Guess we’re stuck with this for now.


Aaand it’s back already, according to Mission Community Market, nice going guys!

20 Responses to “Mission Market mural bombed”

  1. LiLo says:

    This super sucks.

  2. Camarógrafo says:

    That is so FUCKED up! Jet Martínez deserves more respect than that.
    Consolation: I took some excellent photos of it right after he put the finishing touches on it.
    Martínez was commissioned to paint this for Mission Market; no respect!

  3. Camarógrafo says:

    He usually clearcoats his work.

  4. hoboking says:

    I’m pretty sure this happened after 7:20 this (Monday) morning cause I rode by there then and I remember thinking ‘It’s nice those great new murals haven’t gotten bombed by the kids that are declaring war on Clarion Alley’.

    Of course I might just have been kinda blind.

  5. Jeremy Shaw says:

    We are good! Thanks Jet for the quick response!

    The tag was up friday night. Down monday afternoon.


  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    So nice to see the quick response. Bye bye, tagger shithead!

  7. The Problem with Larry says:

    So happy to see people invested in something getting mad at people who aren’t invested at all.

  8. Van says:

    About time somebody hit that shitty mural. Sucker Freed it.

    Who the fuck are you to determine who does, and who doesn’t get bombed?

    If something pisses off a hipster, I like it. If its the Levi building its good, but if its hipster hangout revolution, its bad.

    Its just a fad. Move on.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Blah blah blah.

    • no.thanks. says:

      dude….revolution….hipster hangout?


      more like 24/7 hippie burnout burner hangout.
      jigga, get yo facts straight

    • Pedro Navaja says:

      Hey, *Van* – Slab City called; they want their blithering idiot back. There’s a bus ticket waiting for you at the Greyhound terminal; fucking urban failure.

    • SFdoggy says:

      @Van: I assume you are just a troll. It is impossible to believe anybody could seriously write something as stupid as you did.

  9. Awesome – glad you got it cleaned up.

  10. Henri! says:

    What does ‘Sucker Freed’ mean?

  11. Ortej says:

    I’m just saying… 100 bones for information leading to the complete beatdown of this toy. Forget the cops.. If you’ve got beef, bring it personally. Don’t hide behind your lame toy scrawl. Too much of this shit going on, time for some toys to get pummeled.

    • 0101 says:

      fuck you faggot. leave the beef on the streets throwin up 100 bucks for this shit??? youre the fucking toy!!!! handle your shit!!!

      look at the hands on in. none of the letters are in any type of flow, nor are they the same size. and look at that last E, it was obviously sprayed over like 3 or 4 times. this is the work of an idiot or a crazy person.

      100 bucks?? haha fuckin broke ass toy cant handle his shit. 100 cans… maybe we could talk, but 100 bucks? anybody with half a brain could stack that in a day

      • Ortej says:

        hahaha. we agree. don’t be so angry if it isn’t with you. i want a name so i can handle it. calmate! oops, shouldn’t have used spanish, maybe you’ll come out with a racist slur too.

        • 0101 says:

          o shit not such a tough guy anymore huh… fuckin street art lames.

          and for clarification i’m not hating on the mural, i fuckin love that mural, ive spent hours lookin at it. but these artists tryin to act tough, that turn on a dime and get all “o u mad bro!??” when they are they ones puttin chump change on people’s heads (your broke ass probably would have to pay that shit in installments), on the internet, is fucking weak.

          and fuck you i’m mexican, i tell lames like you to muevate alllll day long

          • Ortej says:

            orale pues brother. si el pedo no es contigo pa que te encabronas tanto y pa que te metes. yo no cambie de nada. malentendiste tu. yo si quiero que llegue a punyos con el ojete que me rayo y por eso lo ando buscando. entendido? asi que en serio, mi brother, le heche un chingo de tiempo a ese mural, y quiero darle lo suyo al hijo de puta que me lo rayo. A caso no puedes entender eso?
            Sobres. Paz entre tu y yo, pero al ojete, lo sigo buscando.