New wave Valencia playground sprouting


Kids these days don’t know how good they have it when it comes to playgrounds. Back when I was still allowed inside one of these things, we’d consider ourselves lucky with merely a slide, monkey bars, swings, and some broken bottle-infused sand that the one jerk kid would always throw in your face. Bonus points for one of those 3 story rocketships that were terrifying if you happened to be scared of heights.

These days playgrounds have playsets that mimic modern art and instead of sand opt for that nice cork composite padding to cushion the skulls of any children who lose their balance. I have no idea how that seat thing on the left is even supposed to work. Of course, if this place really wanted to score points with the locals, they’d install a mini-sutro tower!


11 Responses to “New wave Valencia playground sprouting”

  1. purify says:

    They tore down that lovely tree for this…??


  2. fartbreath says:

    they tore down those lovely crack dealers for this?


  3. Ed says:

    If its any consolation to you, kids using this stuff will say the same stupid shit you are about playgrounds in 20 years.

    Assuming you are over 23, which could be a mistake on my part.

  4. Looking forward to having the soccer cage back. I miss Wednesday nights, alienating gringos who arrive wearing $100 AC Milan jerseys with new Sambas.

  5. Atomica says:

    Yup, same exact equipment as almost every other newly remodeled playground in the city. FYI, “the seat thing on the left” is for sitting–doesn’t do shit otherwise.

    –Person with kid

  6. Sweet T says:

    The drunks that inhabit that park will never fully appreciate the aesthetic.

  7. GG says:

    I miss that giant rocketship of my youth. :(

  8. Sprouting says:

    This is what they call sprouting up a playground?

  9. stiiv says:

    Does that thing on the right spin? The double decker spinny stuff kids get these days is downright terrifying.

    Lucky little bastards.