Renovated Dolores Park Playground nears completion

Dolores Park Works reports that the playground renovations are 85% complete and it may open as soon as March. Planning is in progress for the opening party. I’m a little sad to see the Dolores Park pool go, but I think this will be a safer place for kiddos to observe adults engaging in casual drug use and public alcohol consumption.

The new Helen Diller Playground will feature a super slide, a natural climbing stone, and a “sound garden” (an anonymous donation from Chris Cornell?). It will also have designated areas for age groups 2-5 and 5-12. In fact, there will be a boat for younger kids, and a separate shipwrecked boat for the older ones–no doubt a metaphor for their soon-to-be broken hopes and dreams.

Agism? Maybe. I’ll never forget the first time I approached by a kid in a playground and told, “you’re too old to be playing here!” I was heartbroken, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it during the entire drive back to my apartment.

[photo and scoop via Dolores Park Works]

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