Mission Bicycle unveils new eight-speed named after famous local transmission tower

Mission Bicycle has announced their new eight-speed bicycle, aptly named the Sutro (because you’ll probably need all those gears to make it all the way up there).

Frame designer Emmanuel Eng designed the Sutro with elegance in mind, including an internal gear hub and cables that are routed through the bike tubing. Like any other Mission Bicycle, you get to pick all the colors and bells and whistles.

Here’s a pretty video showing the Sutro in action:

24 Responses to “Mission Bicycle unveils new eight-speed named after famous local transmission tower”

  1. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    Internal gear hub – the elegance of a fixie with the functionality of a standard gear hub. Of course, you’ll probably get called a poser for having one.

  2. FixieOrDeath says:

    Eight more gears than a real man needs…

  3. d says:

    Uh, you guys are aware that Sutro was a man before being a tower, right?

    • GG says:

      Yes. I’m sure they intended to name the bike after a dead local politician rather than his namesake tower that everyone in San Francisco recognizes as a major landmark and sees practically every day. Seems legit.

      • Dan says:

        or after the amazing baths out at the ocean. That guys legacy is way more than just a tower. Thats like saying the movie Milk is named after the school.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Yay! A real bicycle, finally!

  5. Dr. Fart says:

    eight speeds on my ding-a-ling

  6. a game says:

    What is 8 gear: D, no such thing

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    My only problem with this bicycle is that it makes it more difficult to quickly identify people on fixies to laugh at.

  8. timbo says:

    Is it kind of strange to anyone else that there is a Kickstarter campaign for this?

    • truth says:

      Yes, it is fucking lame that kickstarter has been turned into a way to ask for hand outs by for-profit businesses with no ROI.

      • beek says:

        Actually, if you look at the rewards, it’s a way to pre-order the bike and save money vs. when it is released to the public. I just reserved mine.

        Not all KS campaigns are “hand outs.” It’s a way for plenty of small businesses to bring a great idea to market without being fully VC funded.

  9. commuter says:

    Not everyone is a skinny young hipster. Geared bikes will help a wide range of people people commute to and from the hilly parts of the city. More bikes and less cars on the streets is good for everyone. The $1200 price on this thing is kind of high, though. Commuter bikes really need to be half that much.

    • Bob says:

      Yup, they do. But good luck finding a shop that actually charges a decent price.

      There are plenty of good, used road bikes on CL that’ll outlive this bike for half the price.

  10. I demand AVIATION ORANGE.