Welcome to the banh mi-ssion

The bánh mì-nification of the Mission continues, as this recent upstart at 2788 Mission Street near 24th Street BART pops up seemingly overnight. Formerly known as Mission Sub, this new Quickly USA venture aims to please, with a 3 for $10 deal. However, not everyone thinks this deal is worth going for, considering the newly opened swank Saigon sub setup at Duc Loi six blocks down Mission Street. Who will prevail in the bánh mì battle?

21 Responses to “Welcome to the banh mi-ssion”

  1. no.thanks. says:

    dude. banh mi IS SUPPOSED to be $3.50

    get thee entire fuck out of here with $5.00 banh mi!

  2. CKChew says:

    I got an ad for this place stuffed in my mailbox a few weeks back. Anyone try it yet?

  3. melz says:

    you guys are so fucking cheap

  4. Manny says:

    God damn! Thanks for the tip about the Duc Loi Bahn Mi, I’ve finally read something useful on this blog!

  5. intrenet says:

    you have to get good at doing a thing
    and then you can pay somebody else who is good at doing a thing
    then we all got good things

  6. Powen says:

    I tried this about a month ago (at Quickly). It was the NASTIEST sandwich I’d ever had in my life. Like seriously, as the woman was making it, I was already regretting ordering it.

  7. joshua says:

    went there today.
    i’m gonna stick to cafe dolci downtown

  8. POTRERO_BOI says:

    Another Quickly venture? Chain crap.