Mission Vegan: Seitan is Real

Bender’s has two amazing vegan tacos on its menu: the seitan taco and the grilled veggie taco, which, in addition to grilled veggies, also has smashed-up pieces of their homemade vegan burger in it. Both feature hunks of avocado, tangy pickled red cabbage, and, surprisingly, enough salt that I didn’t need to add any – remarkable since I have never in my life eaten anything and thought it was too salty.

You know what’s great about Bender’s? They don’t refer to the seitan taco as a “fake chicken” taco. I like this because seitan is real food, not fake chicken: it’s just real seitan, in all its chewy, crumbly, mouthfeely glory. Two omnivorous vegan-taco-enthusiast friends joined me for dinner and chose the vegan ones over the meaty ones on the menu. On purpose. Also, a friendly black dog named Mortimer wanted to steal them.

That’s right, friends: Seitan is real. And it’s saltier that the sweat of John Henry’s brow.

11 Responses to “Mission Vegan: Seitan is Real”

  1. el jeffe says:

    No way. Seitan worshipping is lame.
    Praise the Lard!

  2. GG says:

    “They don’t refer to the seitan taco as a “fake chicken” taco. I like this because seitan is real food, not fake chicken”

    Totally! But I can’t believe you didn’t order the Hail Seitan. Is that no longer on the menu? IMHO it’s one of the very best vegan cheesesteaks in SF.

  3. GrizzledMission says:

    The seitan “cheesesteak” isn’t vegan, I don’t think – it has actual cheese. It is, however, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Well, at least since going vegetarian. I bring people to Bender’s just to try it. They’ve all loved it.

    • GG says:

      My bad, my comment was sloppily-worded, sorry. Yes, *vegetarian* cheesesteak. So relieved that it’s still there!

  4. BACON says:

    You know you want me…

  5. Think_for_Me says:

    Satan Isreal, Isreal=Satan…that’s what I’ve always said!

  6. The_Audacity says:

    The food at Benders is fucking legit. And, I love that the dudes who cook it act like they would rather do ANYTHING ON EARTH before making you anything at all. I honestly think that has something to do with the flavor.

  7. Maron says:

    Thanks for mentioning my half pit half black lab dog Mortimer !!! Mortimer is a regular at Benders !!!