Vietnamese fried chicken popup dinner this Saturday

The talented ladies from Rice Paper Scissors are back this Saturday with another popup dinner straight from Saigon, and this time they’re bringing you the Vietnamese answer to fried chicken. Com Ga is the name of the game, a treat which Katie and Valerie first stumbled upon in a garage in Saigon where they witnessed folks cooking this  in a vertical drip fryer which basically cooks the heck out the chicken by streaming hot oil all over it. The perfect pre-Mother’s Day meal!

Check out all the details here, and full menu after the jump.


Southern cuisine is what dominates the Vietnamese food scene here in the States — but it doesn’t mean we’ve seen it all yet.

For their upcoming Private Kitchen, called Com Ga Canteen, Rice Paper Scissors is sharing some of their new discoveries from Saigon. The main course is Com Ga, Fried Cornish Hen served with Red Rice (made from annatto seeds and tomato paste).

Since it’s getting warmer, Rice Paper Scissors is also busting out the charcoal grill to recreate the smokey street bites they had in Vietnam like Grilled Baby Octopus and Prawn Spring Rolls — which guests will make at the table using fresh herbs, rice noodles and special extra-thin rice paper brought back from Vietnam.

Com Ga Canteen

May 12, 2012 / 7-10pm

Location announced the day of

$80 + tax & BYOB

Tickets can be purchased here

More info here


Grilled Octopus
charcoal-grilled baby octopus with lime and chile sauce

Quail Balut
fertilized quail eggs

Saigon-Style Green Papaya Salad
housemade prawn chips, beef jerky and Vietnamese herbs

Pork and Cabbage Imperial Rolls
charcoal-grilled and fried imperial rolls

Chao Long – Offal Rice Porridge
with Marin Sun Farms offal and Chinese doughnuts

DIY Prawn Spring Roll
roll your own spring rolls with charcoal-grilled prawns, rice noodles, Vietnamese herbs and special extra-thin rice paper we brought back from Vietnam

Com Ga Chien – Fried Cornish Hen with Red Rice
1/2 fried hens with red rice, made with annatto seeds and tomato paste; served with greens

Strawberry Ice Cream with Candied Kumquats
made with condensed milk and Swanton Berry Farm strawberries

17 Responses to “Vietnamese fried chicken popup dinner this Saturday”

  1. Hater says:

    $80!?! Nice scam you are promoting; I hope you at least get one free.

  2. scum says:

    For $80 I have to make my own spring rolls? No thanks.

  3. Ridiculous says:

    Are you seriously posting an eighty dollar/person popup? Wow, this has got to be some kind of douche fest. This is sad, ridiculous and outrageous. How about posting about a reasonably priced popup, instead of being a douche bag?

  4. yeahright says:

    $80 f’ing dollars and BYOB? Is the idea to go broke for Mother’s day and take her out to BK the next day?! Get a grip.

  5. Michigangster says:

    Bankers are not the only ones who get greedy!

  6. salsaman says:

    $80/head for a dinner sounds like a lot, but when have any of you paid that LITTLE for an 8-course meal? Doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

    “Vertical drip fryer” is a wonderful sounding thing, why is this not widespread?!

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      Are these 8 courses on tiny plates? I’m guessing that that’s what people are assuming. Because most people wouldn’t even be able to finish 8 courses on normal plates. And $80 is a lot for a meal you can’t finish — especially if you have to bring your own drink.

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Eighty dollars?! Fuck. That.

  8. Bob Dole says:

    All for supposed “street food”. Hah..

  9. mike says:

    o nice, totally goin

  10. new says:

    jumped the shark / greedy bitches.

    $80 for dinner? get fucking real!

  11. laura says:

    operating a small food business is expensive (especially in san francisco) and extremely labor-intensive. $80 is a fair price for this kind of meal.

    don’t walk around with your “local food” tote bag and then talk shit when a food business is actually making it.

  12. GG says:

    At $80/each, “underground restaurant” seems like a more appropriate label than “popup” (which implies cheap street food, IMHO). For an 8-course meal, that seems comparable to other underground restaurants in SF.

    But can we declare a moratorium on MM comments complaining about the price of food? No one’s forcing you to go out to eat. If you want to save money, go to the farmer’s market/Safeway and cook up your own vegetarian eats, or stop at one of 800 taquerias around here that serve amazing burritos for cheap. If you want to spend $15 on a Mission Bowling burger, do it. Places selling food that’s priced higher than people are willing to pay will go out of business or rethink their pricing. Whining about it here doesn’t affect much.

    • scum says:

      It’s all about the money here on MoneyMoney

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      1st point: How does “popup” imply “cheap street food”? Quite the opposite in the Mission – for one thing, “popup” doesn’t happen on the street, it happens in established restaurants that want to create an advantageous “buzz” by doing something a little different. The permit process is way too expensive for “popup” street carts to make a real impression in the Mission dining scene.

      2nd point: Yes! Please! Quit whining, people! If you’re too lazy to learn how to cook something simple for your friends, then shut up and pay the bill for someone else to cook for you and your friends. UMC people are pretty much everywhere in America, including here, and they can afford to pay for what they want to eat, and all your complaining just makes you kids look silly and ignorant about the facts of life.

      And, BTW, I retract my comment up above this — go to it, if you can afford it! I’ve seen at least one dude involved with Commonwealth drive a motherfucking Lotus out of their parking lot several times.

  13. Thanks is sharing …

    “Vertical drip fryer” is a wonderful sounding thing, why is this not widespread?!