Rice Paper Scissors shows Vice around the Mission

The gals from Rice Paper Scissors showed Vice TV’s Eddie Huang around a few Mission locations recently, namely Duc Loi Supermarket and and Sun Fat Seafood.

He ranted a bit about the state of Asian food appreciation in the United States, then they grilled a bunch of shelled and tentacled creatures on the street while sitting in their signature plastic red stools. The food wasn’t served up with one of RPS’s controversial $4 artisanal smoothie shots, but rather with a Tecate topped off with a ring of Sriracha around it’s mouth. How’s that for fusion cuisine?

Check out the video:


It’s cool to see the presence of Mission Asian businesses getting a nod. Which, in my opinion, is an often overlooked aspect of the ‘hood.

Eddie, says the next episode is about burritos, so stay tuned.

Rice Paper Scissors Grill Fest this Saturday

Summer is officially here, and you know what that means, right?  Swimming pools and BBQs!  On the latter note, those talented ladies from RPS are celebrating the arrival of the heat with their first Vietnamese BBQ/grill fest/summer time awesomeness.  It’s going down at Mission Dispatch, the new street food spot on 18th and Bryant.

Check out all the details here, and full menu after the jump.


Vietnamese fried chicken popup dinner this Saturday

The talented ladies from Rice Paper Scissors are back this Saturday with another popup dinner straight from Saigon, and this time they’re bringing you the Vietnamese answer to fried chicken. Com Ga is the name of the game, a treat which Katie and Valerie first stumbled upon in a garage in Saigon where they witnessed folks cooking this  in a vertical drip fryer which basically cooks the heck out the chicken by streaming hot oil all over it. The perfect pre-Mother’s Day meal!

Check out all the details here, and full menu after the jump.

Rainy day popup pho brunch this Sunday

This Sunday, Rice Paper Scissors will be serving up Northern-style beef pho, corn sticky rice, Vietnamese yogurt, and other brunchable delights at their first popup since returning from Vietnam. They’ll be setting up shop around 14th and Folsom from 11am to 4pm; the exact location is yet to be announced, so follow them on Twitter for the tip.

Here’s their blurb on what “Northern-style” pho entails:

There’s nothing more satisfying than a steaming bowl of pho in the morning — and while we were in Vietnam, we held off on eating it until we reached Hanoi — the place where it all originated.

After a late night and waking up Vietnamese style (that means at 6am!) we ventured down Xuân Diệu Street and came across a streetside pho house where locals and taxi drivers go for breakfast. We know about the latter group because one car almost ran over Katie to park and get his morning pho fix.

It was very simple: beef, noodles, damn good broth. Northern-style pho has no frills (aka no herbs and bean sprouts) and simply leaves you to the good stuff. That’s the way we like it.

Full menu and more details here.

Vietnamese Thanksgiving dinner with Rice Paper Scissors this Saturday

Those gastronomically intrepid gals from Rice Paper Scissors are back again, and this time they’re bringing the party inside from the street to get out of the cold with a unique version of a classic:

Our first underground dinner will be centered around Laque Duck, a Vietnamese take on Peking Duck. We’re also making duck confit imperial rolls, wok fried chinese green beans, and coconut sorbet using fresh ‘nutz from Oscar on 22nd Street.

If everything goes as planned, Laque Duck will be the new turkey.  Check out all the details here!


Anthony Bourdain visits Rice, Paper, Scissors

Bartlett street coconut man

Local blogger injured in food cart brawl

Anthony Bourdain visits Rice, Paper, Scissors

Those of you who made it out to sample the delicacies of Hanoi at last night’s edition of Rice, Paper, Scissors were greeted with a pleasant surprise, as traveling omnivore and No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain made a special appearance to try the pop-up Vietnamese fare first-hand!  We were too busy scarfing down the delicious honey-glazed pork jerky, papaya salad, crab and shrimp noodle soup, and banh mi to get too close, but our pal Stuart managed to get some face time.  I wonder if he ever made it to Zeitgeist?

Rice, Paper, Scissors returns from Hanoi tonight!

Our favorite Vietnamese Pop-up restaurant is back, and this time our pals Valerie and Katie are serving up the flavors of Hanoi:

RPS wanted to pay tribute to a few of their favorite (and perhaps lesser-known) Hanoi dishes such as Crab and Shrimp Rice Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu) and Butter Braised Sweet Corn and Dried Shrimp (Bap Xao), a popular street food dish in the area.

We’ll also be serving up Pan-Seared Tumeric Fish with Dill (Cha Ca), which travellers seek out at Cha Ca La Vong, a famous restaurant that only serves this dish. RPS is only serving up a limited number of this dish, so diners should pre-order ahead.

The fun starts tonight at 6:30pm and lasts till 10pm, but you should really get there early to avoid long lines (and catastrophic shoulder injuries).  Oh, and where is this happening you ask?  Well, you’ll have to follow @ricepapersf if you want to find out the super secret location, which will be announced later today!

See you there!


Local blogger injured in food cart brawl