Rice Paper Scissors shows Vice around the Mission

The gals from Rice Paper Scissors showed Vice TV’s Eddie Huang around a few Mission locations recently, namely Duc Loi Supermarket and and Sun Fat Seafood.

He ranted a bit about the state of Asian food appreciation in the United States, then they grilled a bunch of shelled and tentacled creatures on the street while sitting in their signature plastic red stools. The food wasn’t served up with one of RPS’s controversial $4 artisanal smoothie shots, but rather with a Tecate topped off with a ring of Sriracha around it’s mouth. How’s that for fusion cuisine?

Check out the video:


It’s cool to see the presence of Mission Asian businesses getting a nod. Which, in my opinion, is an often overlooked aspect of the ‘hood.

Eddie, says the next episode is about burritos, so stay tuned.

13 Responses to “Rice Paper Scissors shows Vice around the Mission”

  1. scum says:

    He is right, pop ups are played out like food trucks and hipsters.

  2. Bob Dole says:

    would’ve been funny if they did it front of Charles Phan’s place.

  3. anonymoose says:

    NYC guy bitchin about bagels, boring…his moobs are played out.

  4. Sfnola says:

    Nice to see some props for Sun Fat. Great seafood, great people, reasonable prices.

  5. Nickel says:

    Sriracha on Tecate. I like that. I’m curious if it will be better than the classic lime and MSG on Tecate.

  6. VyceSkwad says:

    Vice is getting hip.

  7. moto-waki says:

    vice is old hat.

  8. thanks says:

    this dude kind of reminds me of Guy Fieri

  9. Skeptical says:

    If I had to give up bagels AND pizza just so I can continue to have Mission burritos I would. People from NYC don’t understand burritos because they don’t know how to order in a Mission taqueria. They’re always harping on the fact that burritos aren’t “authentic Mexican.” I tell them to order a super burrito with al pastor, but then they get some dry ass pollo asado tacos and wonder what all the fuss was about. That being said, Eddie Huang’s restaurant Baohaus is pretty fucking excellent.

    • womp womp says:

      mission burritos.. suck.. order a super burrito al pastor.. you’ll get over greasy pastor… some sort of thin white liquid someone is calling sour creame.. unseasoned rice n beans.. with shit lettuce, and some even shittier guac..

      but hey people from the midwest like’em.. but those guys eat butter burgers..