This is a burrito in Paris

Although French cuisine may be celebrated as some of the finest and most influential in the world, our pal Natalie discovered that the lofty reputation unsurprisingly did not apply to Mexican food, as she recently endured what appears to be the saddest burrito ever assembled.  When asked what might be found within this astoundingly pathetic tortilla wrap-job (even worse than in NYC), she tentatively replied:

Shredded beef and cheese, there might’ve been beans but I didn’t eat it so I’m not sure!

Smart move, Natalie.  I’m not sure how hungry and homesick I’d have to be in order to scarf down this “wet” burrito slathered in some sort of tomato-esque sauce with a dollop of sour cream, served with a side of burnt white rice and Shirazi salad.  On the plus side, one thing they did manage to get right was the chip-to-guacamole ratio.

Wow, they sure do it better in Berlin.


22 Responses to “This is a burrito in Paris”

  1. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    The really sad thing is that the Frenchies could have turned this concept into, say, a delicious guacamole and black bean crepe.

  2. Brock Keeling says:

    I would eat this.

  3. Sarah says:

    I lived in Paris for 3 years and I would never ever have eaten at a Mexican/Tex Mex place there. Why set the French up for failure? They don’t have a beans and rice culture, they don’t understand the flavors, textures, correct combinations, and the right products aren’t available in stores to create “Mexican” food correctly. The French should stick to what they are good at, and their food is very good! I eat Mexican when i am back at home in San Francisco. In Europe (France and Italy), Mexican food is just terrible!

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      The thing is, the Frenchies are all about the sauce, and what is mole, or chile verde, or guacamole, or adobo, but… SAUCE?! The disconnect here is the tortilla. Do NOT try to do that shit unless you can take it seriously.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow, that looks sad and gross. Even the burritos in .uk are nicer than that, and they’re pretty fucking terrible.

  5. MrEricSir says:

    They folded it like a crepe! It’s like French/Mexican fusion.

  6. Erik says:

    Too much avec.

  7. Aaron says:

    leave out the circumflex, too.

  8. Traveler says:

    why order a burrito in france? silly mission ites

  9. scum says:

    I never order a burrito anywhere outside of S.F.

  10. mike says:

    even LA doesnt compare to mission style burritos.

  11. ashley says:

    at least it looks better than my first korean burrito:

    thank god i found better burritos in korea not long after that one. to be honest, i’m now craving a korean burrito. shit.

    • YES! i was actually trying to find this also since i remembered it from your facebook a few years ago but couldn’t track it down. definitely needs to be revisited!

  12. Ciaran says:

    Mexican/TexMex in Europe sucks (and is expensive to boot) – so why even bother?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      When you’ve over there for a while, sometimes you get homesick. I missed Mexican food pretty fiercely while I was living in .uk.

  13. WC1 says:

    What the fuck is .uk? Do you mean the UK?

    There is actually decent to excellent Mexican to be found around the world as long as you are willing to drop the pretentious poseur SF attitude and be open to something other than the Mission’s version of Mexican food.

    If you ever find yourself in Paris craving Mexcian, I’d recommend “Faijitas” near Pont Neuf in St Germain.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      .uk, yup.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      But I see your point… if you’re willing to lower your standards and pretend BAD Mexican food is GOOD, then you can find something “good” around the world.

      Such a sweet, simple philosophy, and applicable to pretty much everything in life. AIM LOW, son, AIM LOW.

      • WC1 says:

        Yep, because there is nothing good outside of your own little hipster world. If it aint made in the Mission it aint Mexican food. Fuck, I bet you are right – I bet they do Mexican food better than a Mexican in Mexico. What else has the HDPDV seal of approval?

        I’m just lowering my standards and pretending. Show me the light Herr Doktor Professer Douche Veg! Teach me!

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Wait, you know Burritos (or, at least, burritos-as-we-know-them) were invented in San Francisco, right? But you think that understanding that San Francisco burritos reign supreme is some sort of hipster pretense? You’re a funny little man.

      • Ariel Dovas says:

        So, you’re saying it’s a better idea to focus on the negative whenever possible? Aren’t you just cheating yourself at that point?