This is a burrito in Paris

Although French cuisine may be celebrated as some of the finest and most influential in the world, our pal Natalie discovered that the lofty reputation unsurprisingly did not apply to Mexican food, as she recently endured what appears to be the saddest burrito ever assembled.  When asked what might be found within this astoundingly pathetic tortilla wrap-job (even worse than in NYC), she tentatively replied:

Shredded beef and cheese, there might’ve been beans but I didn’t eat it so I’m not sure!

Smart move, Natalie.  I’m not sure how hungry and homesick I’d have to be in order to scarf down this “wet” burrito slathered in some sort of tomato-esque sauce with a dollop of sour cream, served with a side of burnt white rice and Shirazi salad.  On the plus side, one thing they did manage to get right was the chip-to-guacamole ratio.

Wow, they sure do it better in Berlin.