Your very own parklet for $12000

Sure, you could make countless trips to the dump scrounging reclaimed materials, or you could just buy the parklet in front of Fabric8 for a considerable markup, drop it in your yard, and call it a day.

This one-of-a-kind parklet was designed and built by San Francisco artist Erik Otto using recycled materials. It has been featured in numerous publications, documentaries, and television programs. Most materials were procured from SF Recology (aka the dump) via Otto’s previous artist-in-residence there.

Amenities include 4 custom-made bean bags; low-voltage lighting system inside the house; and delivery/installation within the area. Can be purchased in part or whole. Olive tree and steel foundation excluded. Seller financing available.

More information:

Not really my style, but I call dibs on Deep’s parklet triceratops if that ever goes for sale.

[Craigslist via Curbed SF]

7 Responses to “Your very own parklet for $12000”

  1. Ned says:

    Hopefully that place is going out of business soon so we can get another cafe or restaurant.

  2. deep says:

    When Trixie (our triceratops) runs away from home, she always seems to end up at the Fabric 8 parklet….

  3. MrEricSir says:

    I was going to ask “Why are they selling it?” But then I realized it’s art, and that’s what art galleries do.

    Hopefully their next parklet will have more seating space for their food events.

  4. deep says:

    Selfishly, I’ll hope it’s only “up for sale”, not “sold” – I love it! But yeah Olivia & Anthony are awesome, so whatever new parklet they make will probably rock.

  5. tk says:

    If it came with the parking space, it might be worth it.

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