The Mystery of the Hanging Pigeon

There is a hanged pigeon outside my window. I take no joy in this. Evidence seems inconclusive to me as far as cause of death. Accidental? Maybe it got caught in this plastic bag and then hooked on the fence. Murder? A trap? Dinner?

UPDATE: I climbed up and freed the bird, also getting what I believe to be an answer to the primary question. Any guesses?

14 Responses to “The Mystery of the Hanging Pigeon”

  1. bananatane says:

    A political statement against plastic bags?
    (r.i.p. birdy)

  2. chawlhauser says:

    Dirty D needed wanted pigeon fo grois.

  3. GG says:

    Head caught in a hole or strap of the bag?

  4. Olu says:

    That’s a powerful metaphor about City living. Glad you freed the bird though. You now have the plague.

  5. scum says:

    the chances that this was an accident/happenstance (rather than animal cruelty) is slim to none.

  6. Schlub says:

    Well, pigeons don’t have the option of jumping off the Golden Gate, poor ol’ bird was just trying to end it all in the best way it could. Now it’ll have to continue to live out it’s life in the gutters of the the Mission.

  7. Jason says:

    Yesterday morning I saw a hawk pull a pigeon out of a tree on 20th St. He carried him up to the telephone wire but then dropped him when I got close.

    Maybe this hawk is a serial pigeon killer?

  8. lurkskatesf. says:

    cool, coulda been pet pigeon tho

  9. location says:

    alley behind julian ave b/t 15th & 16th? must be bad luck for pigeons there. saw one with a syringe sticking out of its neck a few years ago…