Photos of Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett making a movie in the Mission

Woody reppin’ PlumpJack! He must really be digging SF.

All photos by Steve L., taken around 12:45 today. Thanks, Steve! More after the jump:

28 Responses to “Photos of Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett making a movie in the Mission”

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Is that Sally Hawkins in the pix w/Cate?

  2. ALWAYS HIGH says:



  3. Phil D says:

    It’s nice to know even woody is a victim of the tourist lament: “It’s too f’n cold in this city, somebody get me a fleece or something.”

  4. motowaki says:

    the queen’s got legs like a king.

  5. Brock Keeling says:

    Is that a Birkin bag, Cate?

    [drops dead]

  6. Hater says:

    I’m sure it will be a very whitty, dry, clever, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Burrito Snob says:

    Filming outside one of the worst restaurants in SF.

    • LOu says:

      worst? their burritos are actually pretty good. Last weekend, it looks like another family took it over. Maybe their food will now be even better.


    Hey Allan, how much is Mr. Allen paying you to plug his film on your blog? Consorting with Hollywood elitists, pfft.

  9. david m says:

    is that los rosales right on the corner?

  10. Mr. Blackwell says:

    OMG, I totally wasn’t going to see this film until Mission-Mission started discussing it. Wise marketing investment, Woody Allen!

    christ almighty, the idiots on the internet these days

    • Schlub says:

      “christ almighty, the idiots on the internet these days”

      …and idiots weren’t on the internet back in the days when you were young?

  11. Spamalot says:

    Is Kate’s co-actor in the 2nd pic supposed to look like a “San Franciscan”?

  12. Orgasmatron2 says:

    Woody G.G. Allin Alda

  13. SFog says:

    Saw film trucks etc. at 20th and Lexington early this afternoon , sadly no Cate or Woody or Alec. Sorry about the weather Woody but we are not LA.

  14. Olu says:

    That lady on the right, is really, really, really, skinny.

  15. Dawn Davenport says:

    The lady on the right is Sally Hawkins and is an amazing actress. “Fingersmith” and “Happy-Go-Lucky” are both great films and she’s great in them. I watched them filming near Union Square last week. Cate is gorgeous in person.

  16. Uselysses says:

    Walking home last night, they had lined Capp, from 19th to 20th and 19th from Capp to Valencia with trailers and gear. Looks like they set up to shoot in the apartment above Force of Habit Records. The temporary no parking signs set up were for yesterday until next Tuesday.

  17. scum says:

    By the time this comes out most white people in The Mission will be dressed like those three.

  18. hellsangren says:

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