Crimes Against Animals – EVIDENCE (NSFV)

Tonight we find more mistreatment of animals.

First they put dead herons on signs, then we all eat dead animals in restaurants*, and now our internet friend/troll Cranky Old Mission Guy has been piecing together what looks to be some kind of bizarre criminal act. The evidence is as follows.

funky chicken

The head of a chicken.

reindeer diner

The head of a reindeer.

liquor bottle

The weapon?!?!

And finally, the suspects:

mission party

Actually, Crank has a better description of this scene:

(left-to-right) Fred’s white girlfriend, Fred, and some neighborhood activist they don’t know, who is interrupting their make-out session.

Seriously, that chicken head makes me sad. And I do feel mean about joking about a dead animal’s head lying on the ground. But I eat meat, so I obviously don’t have much regard for a chicken’s life or treatment. (sigh)

*I know.

UPDATE: Thanks to Crank’s fine detective work, the prime suspect has been apprehended!

felony fred

4 Responses to “Crimes Against Animals – EVIDENCE (NSFV)”

  1. The story you have just heard is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    In a moment, the outcome of the trial.

  2. Mark says:

    ha, the shot w the head of a reindeer is of my old apartment building. that brought me home from armenia for a quick minute

  3. hezcatt says:

    chicken head = santeria?
    i always see a dead chicken tossed near the trash bin on Shotwell and 21st.
    just sayin’

  4. ercalla says:

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