Sidewalk graffiti to 299 Valencia residents: ‘You’re not welcome here!’

Panorama by Joe Bunny. Thanks, Joe.

104 Responses to “Sidewalk graffiti to 299 Valencia residents: ‘You’re not welcome here!’”

  1. Matthew says:

    Now that’s taking serious political action!

  2. A to the F says:

    Classless San Franciscans embarrass themselves and their city once again. There is nothing as intolerant as an open-minded, tolerant San Franciscan.

  3. Swanky says:

    OOps. Wrong address. My bad.

  4. Tom in SFCA says:

    This graffito is just stupid and arrogant nonsense. No individual or group speaks for any American neighborhood. Each individual American is equally free to live wherever they choose. These fascistic graffitists are talking un-American crap!

    • MrEricSir says:

      Freedom of speech is un-American?

      • Dutch says:

        This isn’t free speech. Its vandalism and harassment. Hippie!

        • MrEricSir says:

          You do realize we live in a country where financial contributions are counted as free speech, right?

          • Tom in SFCA says:

            What does that have to do with anything? The graffito is vandalism and harassment, like the other poster said. It is also presumptuous, fascistic garbage like I said. The First Amendment and the Citizens United ruling are utterly irrelevant here.

          • MrEricSir says:

            All I’m saying is, we have a pretty broad definition of free speech in this country.

            And sure, it’s harassment — but that’s protected under law. Haven’t you ever heard of the Westboro Baptist Church?

        • calabrese68 says:

          I agree. This is not free speech. This is vandalism. This building went through a rigorous and expensive permitting process where the public had tons of input into it. The owners who know live here are entitled to not be harassed with such vulgar slogans. I live one block from this building and have lived there for nine years; I welcome more residents to my home. And, I thank them for improving that blighted lot. Welcome home in the Mission New Neighbors!

      • Wake up says:

        HA! This coming from the guy who deletes comments. Tech nerd who used to paint his nails, and was all emo…now mission blog troll. Keep on Eric!

        • pchazzz says:

          You nailed him, Wake up!

        • MrEricSir says:

          My nails are still painted, and I have no problem deleting comments from dumbasses (such as yourself) on sites that I administer.

          Frankly, nobody wants to read your comments.

          • Wake up says:

            I think it is your comments no one wants to read.

            All righteous, like you know all about the mission…but, truth be told you don’t know shit. Sitting behind a computer in your mission apartment doesn’t make you a member of the community.

            If you were not an asshole to everyone maybe you would not be considered such a troll.

  5. En-Chu Lao says:

    Somebody’s nostalgic for the shady used car lot/toilet/crack-score corner.

  6. scum says:

    Way to fight the man/system/gentrifiers or whatever snivel of the week club, soap box crap you are ging for.

  7. Grizzled Mission says:

    Well, I welcome them, and hope something interesting goes into the retail spaces (weren’t they talking about Chase, though? Ugh.)

    The used car dealer there (“Trader Joe’s”) wasn’t a great contributor to the neighborhood. I think having people there will be nice.

    If the city had required that it all be low-income housing, great, but it did not. There is quite a large low-income development about half-a-block away.

    • snook says:

      You apparently don’t have much experience with said low income development on 14th-15th Guerroro/Valencia. It’s a blight on the neighborhood and the cause for much of the local muggings that take place in that area. But hey, it’s that crime is high there (my roommate was robbed at gunpoint a few months ago at 14th Guerroro) because it sounds the project is a “good thing” on paper because you’re “helping the poor” in your war against “gentrification.”

  8. noodles says:

    I wonder if the people who wrote this posted pics of their work on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts….

  9. Which Immigrant Group? says:

    Is this directed at the Irish, Chinese, or Mexicans? I can never remember which one deserves scorn at any given moment.

  10. db says:

    These condos are no more expensive than any other piece of property for sale in the neighborhood (or Bernal, or Glen Park, or Potrero, or…). Perhaps this artist should visit Redfin and get busy on all manner of newly purchased street level exits.

  11. timbo says:

    At least they used “you’re” correctly.

  12. sixtypercenttogether says:

    yeah, If this is truly a class issue I wonder if they also count the BMR unit owners as unwelcome.

    this crap will die down once these asshats find some other cause du jour to put in their ego-bongs.

  13. MAC73 says:

    “This neighborhood doesn’t belong to you”

  14. Sfnola says:


  15. KyleM says:

    Blah blah blah. One asshole does something and it equals some big trend or ideology beyond one asshole. Get bent, folks.

  16. wizzer says:

    My bet says the person who wrote this childish bit of urban trash is an angry 20 something hipster, male, low income ratty job, living with 3 other roommates in a crappy flat, riding a fixie bike, wears a lot of plaid, thick black glasses, skinny jeans, calls himself an “artist”, has a beard or facial hair that’s messy, and just doesn’t like it when he can’t have what others are better at getting.

  17. SFGIGANTES says:

    Big surprise. This is still the Mission, people.

  18. Bill Smith says:

    Oh boy. I can’t wait until the yuppies gentrify all the crack addicts, gang bangers, muggers, urinators, crappers, and crazies out of the Mission. I’ve been waiting for 15 years. When is it FINALLY going to happen? Please keep building expensive lofts and condos.

  19. Daniel Eran says:

    Who do you think pays for your heavily subsidized HIV meds, your new kid parks, and to scrub the homeless piss off the Mission’s sidewalks?

    (haha JK, nobody scrubs the piss off the mission sidewalks)

    Well the answer is affluent people stacked up in condos, paying more in HOA fees than you pay for rent, and paying more in property taxes than a block full of slumlords with their taxes locked into the 1970s.

    Scratch their cars and spray paint hate on their sidewalks and break their windows, I’m sure they’ll all leave town and return SF to being the artsy enclave it once was, long before you were even old enough to drink.

    Rich people belong in SF just as much as the filthy doorway peeing assholes who live in rent controlled squalor.

    • wizzer says:

      Totally agree.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      Actually, we all pay for that, dumbshit — all of us who pay taxes, that is, and I expect that we can all figure out who we are. I know I do. The funny thing is — the more money you make, the better you are able to hire people to help you to divert what would be your tax dollars into areas that, instead, benefit you, and nobody else.

      Really, I’m shocked that you are not already familiar with this!

    • I just have to know, how does HOA’s pay for any subsidized HIV meds? And is that supposed to be some gay slag remark? It is really tacky of you to try and curve your rant to be location specific, meanwhile, disrespecting a group of people that SERIOUSLY deserve the right to be here AND have nothing to do with this argument. You sound like a pompas wannabe 1% jerk. It is people like your mentality that really do give the possible “have’s” a really shitty reputation. I wish people could try and step outside of their know zone. Try imagining what it would be like to have lived here most of your adult life to find yourself at a place where a new industry has come in and taken over and are slowly pushing all of you out. Now, those of you that are feeling pushed out, put yourselves in the new influx’s shoes and realize that they only see that there are a lot of great opportunities in SF and have no idea what they may have force out by them coming in trying to live their dream. It is a lose lose situation. That is why i am patiently waiting for another 89.

      • Jay says:

        Be careful what you wish for….

        Unfortunately the people who live in the older, rent controlled buildings which haven’t received adequate maintenance will suffer the most in the next earthquake.

        • AttF says:

          that is absolutely wrong. Seismic bracing is required by the City on buildings that are at risk (mostly unreinforced masonry buildings). Property owners don’t have the option to not make those upgrades.

          • DJM says:

            But they do have the option of negotiating the time-line for making those upgrades.

          • D. Reed says:

            A brick perimeter foundation (very common in the Mission) is different from unreinforced masonry buildings and does not have the same bracing requirements.

            Oftentimes one of the first things that happens when a property is being upgraded for ownership is an update to a modern foundation.

          • AttF says:

            right, but those building/foundation types exist all over the city and most of them haven’t failed in earthquakes. I just think the statement that rent controlled buildings are more likely to fail due to deferred structural maintenance isn’t based in reality.

      • wizzer says:

        So why is it that someone who has live here most of their adult life who feels “pushed out” now by new industry? so that person can’t educate themselves to be part of this new industry?

        And yet others, like myself, who came here fresh out of college with a degree and no connections, seems to settle in, thrive, get a good job(s) and works hard, saves money, lives simply, to eventually be able to buy a piece of real estate here. No handouts, no special treatment, no BMR, just time and hard work.

        So help me out with that.

        • Maybe because some of us have non tech CARREERS that we have worked our whole lives to be successful in. You have never lived in the real world have you Wizzer. God what i wouldn’t give to see wizzer have to survive in a foreign city with a 20 spot to survive on. That would be some good reality tv! And wizzer… dont make presumptions on who i am or what demographic i come from because you just may be wrong. I do, though, know what it is like to have to be outside your ‘bubble of safety’. It is a whole other world that a HUGE % of our population falls in. You just sound like an ignorant ass with all of your inability to think outside the box comments. Diversity is what made this the cool city that attracted you here in the first place. Now that you are here, you want to seal it up so you can continue to have your safety bubble life… LAME. Get with the times and get outside of your comfort zone. It may show you things about the world that you dont even know that you could learn!

          • wizzer says:

            There’s actually a whole lot I’d like to respond to:

            1. You spelled the word “careers” wrong.
            2.I do believe I live in the same real world as you. Or what is your definition of the “real world”?
            3.I made zero assumptions about who you are, or your demographics. Where did I say that?
            4.What is my “bubble of safety”? I worked hard, just like you have, with my college degree and eventually became “successful” by my definitions. I volunteer time with AIDS organizations; I help deliver food to the PAWS group; I donate some money each year to similar groups. I do my best to help those less fortunate.
            5. Why are you resorting to name calling? I didn’t call you a ignorant ass.
            6. Diversity in SF is the main reason I moved here. I am a gay man. I came “out” here after leaving the oppressive mid-west.

            I don’t understand your anger against me, or people like me. I am doing my part to make the city better. Please don’t deride me because I have created my successes here AND did it while respecting the diversity of this great city.

  20. ole says:

    I don’t know what is worse, the sidewalk graffito-tag or the comments on this blog.

  21. Skern says:

    Gentrification hilarity:
    Modestly monied hipsters move into Mexican neighborhood.
    Modest businesses thrive.
    More-monied professionals follow into Mexican neighborhood.
    Hipsters angry at professionals because hipsters “were there first.”

    • TJ says:

      You left out the part where the Mexicans moved into a predominantly Irish/German/Polish neighborhood. Hell, even the native Yelamu’s probably displaced some other inhabitants when they started settling around Mission Creek thousands of years ago. Try to just accept the fact that things change and focus a little less on what color or stereotype your neighbors fit.

  22. Bill says:

    Lovin the assumptions here. The stereotypes being thrown around make the original act pale in comparison.

  23. one says:

    dude. the class war is over. we lost. iow. not helping.

  24. Did you live here in 1989? Did you possibly see which structures had issues? Let me tell you from experience, they dont make em like they used to. A wood frame building is by far the safest in my opinion during an earthquake. Wasn’t the Cypress Freeway made out of … concrete? If you havent seen… you dont know. I lived 6 miles from the epicenter of the 89 quake in 89. The things that i saw that most were damaged were not wood framed houses i promise! That comment makes me want one even more now!

    • wizzer says:

      Not entirely accurate: That huge fire in the Marina was involved with wood frame apartment building that collapsed.

      The Cypress freeway, yes was concrete, but way under the current seismic standards for concrete structures. Concrete, designed properly, can hold up.

      • Let me guess WIZZER, You, did NOT live here in 89? That is what i would expect to hear from someone watching about it on the discovery channel (no disrespect discovery channel!) And… we are not talking about fire now are we… You guys keep wanting to change the argument when someone gets you in the corner… clever… but i am on to you!

        • wizzer says:

          Not sure what you’re on to, except pre-deciding things about me. I’ve lived here in The City since 1975.

      • one says:

        W – can you say “liquification?”

    • Jay says:

      It’s not just the frame, it’s the foundation. Many of the structures in the Mission are located in a liquefaction zone (similar to the Marina) and the older, inadequately maintained ones have brick foundations which are degrading.

      But frankly, this is an aside. No one should wish for an earthquake as a solution to their issues with our neighborhood.

      • Says you. Then… that is not the age of house construction you are dissing? Wait… I know by personal experience that it has everything to do with the land you are perched upon… but that was not your argument…. Keep it straight! BTW… disclaimer… the wooden structures with all garages on the ground level, you may be in trouble… but i still would rather be in a 100 year old vic that a 1 year old loft WHEN it comes. because.. it IS coming!

  25. Oh, and that one was a reply to Jay up there… sorry.

    • funny you should say that because i actually do see one because of the stress i am dealing with watching jerks like you suck all that is truly interesting and rich out of the town my ancestors helped to build. It breaks my heart. You are a winner. At the cost to the rest of us. Thank you.

      • Jay says:

        I was only trying to call you on wishing for an earthquake, which ultimately, is a self-destructive way of dealing with the changes to our neighborhood. I sincerely hope that you will find a way to be happy and thrive.

  26. Takes one to know one wizzer… Keep that head held high. That attitude you wear suits you well. BTW… mess with me.. i dare you to. I will take you all the way there like no one has shown you yet if you think i am going to take your ass backwards ego magnified jerk comments. I am not the one you want to take there. Just saying that right now so choose your words carefully with me. I am practiced in talking asshole thanks to the 99-2001 dot com invasion of turds just like you plus about 1000 idiot roommates over a couple decades of city living. You think your shit and your block dont stink. Well… this is san francisco and depending on the direction of the breeze, and the time of day, you usually should. I am sorry everybody else. I dont usually have to get that ghetto on total strangers. I apologize. It is not very lady like. I just dont like being talked down to at all by ignorants such as mentioned above. I will be nice now. Long live true bohemia and rainbow flags!

    • wizzer says:

      Wow! that is one deeply angry person. But you’re entitled to your beliefs and so am I.

      I do hope you get rid of some of your deep seated and unwarranted anger against those who speak here honestly and without name calling. Best of luck.

      • DM says:

        god, that’s so condescending. how are you so certain her anger is unwarranted? Even though I am one of the gentrifiers in SF and i get really bitter that as a non-professional than I can’t afford cost of living and that i am getting out-gentrified. People make a home and then they get upset when they feel pushed out.
        I do hope you get rid of some your deep seated sense of entitlement and your unwarranted failure to even try to see someone else’s point of you. Best of Luck.

        • wizzer says:

          Really? then point out specifically where my comments are condescending. Because they weren’t.

          And then look back very carefully at ALL of what I said.

          And then look back very carefully at the vitriol and rambling of some of the others, including the childish name calling.

          And I’m not about to apologize at all for my successes (by my definition) since living here in the mid 70′s and working hard at my career, and making this city a better place in my way. I didn’t “push” anybody out; I support the arts and diversity of this city as well as others.

          And, one more thing, I have no “sense of entitlement”. Everything I am today and have achieved I worked on my own to get it.

  27. DM says:

    a lot of these comments– yall sound like some entitled, terrible, contemptuous people. are young people no longer into even pretending they give a shit about the poors? or even the middle class? Its not like there’s very many of them in SF anyhow. graffiti is pretty annoying, but those condos are* ugly.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      You seem very confused. Most of the people who are no longer into pretending that that they give a shit about “the poors”, as you call them, ARE the middle class, and the older, NOT the younger residents of the Mission. “The poors”, as you call them, tend to be an endless stream of crazies, and druggies, and congenital idiots — and the older residents of the Mission, however sympathetic they may once have been, have grown tired of watching generations of them live out their insect life-cycles.

      The REAL “poors” usually figure it all out, stop spray-painting, work their asses off, join the middle class, get an SUV, and buy property in the East Bay. That’s the natural life cycle in the Bay Area.

      • DM says:

        No, I understand there’s poor like working class poor, and there is poor in SF which is usually a pretty deeply dysfunctional poor, complicated by mental health, drug dependence, social isolation. The problem of course with SF is that there is not a middle class of any sort, high end or low end, there is a progressivley wealthy group with a lot of dispensable income, and everyone else who could leave, left (+/- anyone lucky enough to get grandfathered into their lease). The only people left behind are mostly the very dysfunctional. Who, if they tried to live in the suburbs would die under an overpass. The affluent city is the last safety net for the most vulnerable. If they upset you so much, maybe complain to the non-city dwelling rich that have cut all the other support systems for these folks so they don’t filter into the tenderloind and skid row. You’re pretty deeply gross for calling members of the human race insects. May you some day have a child who is a ‘congenital idiot’ or drug dependent and may you grow some compassion. You are also confused by your incredibly optimistic tale of class mobility. It ain’t 1998 anymore.

        • D. Jon Moutarde says:

          “The problem of course with SF is that there is not a middle class of any sort”

          That’s the gist of your bias and idiology — you can’t even recognize me when I stand right in front of you and identify myself. I AM the middle class. I live in San Francisco, and I earn a certain amount of money (better than minimum wage, but not by a lot). Who the fuck are YOU?

          Regardless, you expect — no, demand — that I give a shit about the “crazies, and druggies, and congenital idiots” who pollute the the Mission. Why? What leverage do you have to make me care about these assholes? None. And what leverage do these assholes have to make me care about them? Only their behavior, which is exactly what I have to use against them, by law.

          You know the parasites that live on parasites? That’s YOU.

      • Maurice says:

        You’re out to lunch Mustard man. You think the system is fair, everyone is upwardly mobile, and poor people only stay that way because they have a bad attitude. Which “older residents of the mission” have you been talking to?

  28. scum says:

    I have been here since 1972 and my wife was born here so we have the on opinions that matter. Also I have a San Francisco tattoo on my back.

  29. calabrese68 says:

    As I stated in a sub-comment: This is vandalism. This building went through a rigorous and expensive permitting process where the public had tons of input into it. The owners who know live here are entitled to not be harassed with such vulgar slogans. I live one block from this building and have lived there for nine years; I welcome more residents to my home. And, I thank them for improving that blighted lot. Welcome home in the Mission New Neighbors!

    • Maurice says:

      Yeah, you “welcome new residents” when they earn 100K a year. Your so-called “rigourous and expensive permitting process” is corrupt to the core. Money talks. This entire building is a big “fuck you” to people who have struggled to stay in SF for the past 20 years. A little graffiti doesn’t begin to make up for that.

      • calabrese68 says:

        How does graffiti even head in the direction of correcting your “struggle” to stay in SF? If you think the permitting process is corrupt, work to change it. Use your power of the ballot box, the many community organizations that resist this development, and your own initiative to write complaints to the various government agencies that can affect change. Vandalizing sh*t isn’t going to accomplish anything. Geesh.

  30. wizzer says:

    Exactly. pure and simple vandalism by some who are angry at their choices in life and refuse to accept responsibility to grow up and be a responsible citizen.

  31. avalonblue says:

    With the exception of its physical appearance, How is this any different from burning a cross on someones front lawn. Intolerance is as intolerance does.

    • Maurice says:

      Because one is about race hatred and the other is about class hatred, that’s how. And class hatred is ok.

      • avalonblue says:

        Maurice, I’m not sure if your statement is meant to be ironic or if you are just someone who enjoys hating others for their differences. I sincerely hope for the former.. In any case, hatred for any one group is not ok. Hating someone because they can afford to buy a house is really no different than hating someone because they chose to worship a different god then you.

  32. wizzer says:

    To the bums and losers and druggies who piss in our doorways and shit in our alleys:

    “You are not welcome here”.

  33. Mark says:

    At least they spelled “you’re” correctly.

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