‘Bowl in the New Year’ at Mission Bowling Club!

What better place to ring in 2013 than at one of the best new places to open in 2012? Plus, Sommer from Mission Bowling Club tells us this is the first time they’re able to stay open ’til 2am, so do take advantage of that! Bowl the night away!!!

Get tickets here!

13 Responses to “‘Bowl in the New Year’ at Mission Bowling Club!”

  1. Wu-Stang says:

    OK….This Blog has officially morphed into a Business. And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. Just saying this so you whiners who think this Alan chap is here to entertain your mindless mewlings for free forever can save your yappin. Make way for the demographic who buys the stuff. The rest of you (and I) have been marginalized….at least I don’t really care. I’ll still look at the stuff here.

    • 21st Street Mansion says:


      • Schlub says:


        The current front page of Missionmission looks like the current front page of SF Chron – all advertisements.


        • GG says:

          So why not start your own Mission-oriented blog that doesn’t highlight businesses? I would read it. The more, the merrier! (Also, who goes to all these lame, ridiculously-priced NYE “events”? Celebrating the new year at home with friends is really the only way to do it in SF, IMHO.)

    • Tim says:

      Like it or not, it’s the Mission’s new mission.

  2. moo says:

    Yes, because I want to spend $85 to bowl on New Year’s Eve.

  3. chalkman says:

    hey, that’s only $10 more than a regular lane at night…it’s actually kind of a deal

  4. scum says:

    Since everything doubles on New Years are the burgers going to be $30?

  5. m says:

    god forbid local, neighborhood businesses are publicized on a neighborhood blog. I’d much rather see things like this than photos of some 52nd generation poser hipster in a silly sweater w/ dumb mustache and neon wayfarers.

    • Wu-Stang says:

      I’m sorry you got so old, but I wasn’t really complaining – it just reached a level and bubbled out of me. I’m OK with it. You, however, are quite likely a bitter old coot.

      • m says:

        Nah, I’m in my late 20s and a frequenter of most things in the mission that do not involve neon colors, “indie pop”, and trend-hopping dorks. I just find it hilarious that the sort of people whose only contribution to the neighborhood seems to be making it the punchline to many jokes have the gall to complain about this blog promoting local businesses.

  6. TinyTim says:

    I’d pay $85 just to have access to the photo booth (plus the $8 per string of 3 pix). Why is everyone always complaining about the high cost of entains in SF? Sitting in a pool of vomit behind a photo booth curtain is my idea of a mature New Year’s eve happening.