Treetopping debate continues

Larisa, from Factory 1 Design, writes in to respond to the heated debate raging on the post about treetopping on Stevenson Street. She writes that:

We all work really hard to keep our little corner of the mission awesome and the church blighted our street in an instant.

Two bits of info that were missing are 1) this was done by the greek church and 2) they hired a hauling company to do it. The urban forest guys may not have passed on that info.

There were at least 40-50 nests in those trees.

15 Responses to “Treetopping debate continues”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    This was a major fail on both parties. Firstly, the church probably wanted to save some money to hire somebody to “trim” their trees. So someone within the church knows someone that can do the job. So this guy calls his Uncle Bob, and Uncle Bob says sure, he’ll take on the job he’s “trimmed” many of trees in the past.

    Only Uncle Bob probably trimmed some trees in Vallejo or Oakley where no one really gives a shit about trees. The City catches Uncle Bob in the act, hands him the fine, and Uncle Bob says well Im just doing what the church told me. Ultimately, it will be the church that pays that fine.

    • snail_trail says:

      Bob, I didn’t vote for you in 96, and I am not voting for your crap now. Clean up your act soldier, you’re a mountain man!

  2. Missionite says:

    God can’t be very happy with this church.

  3. scum says:

    When I think of “the greek way” something completely different comes to mind.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I’m glad that they got smacked with a hefty fine. It won’t bring the trees back, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll dissuade a few people from doing something this stupid again in the future.

  5. dudebra says:

    because tree huggers only reside in san francisco…

  6. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  7. moto-waki says:

    church trees can be resurrected, no?

  8. snail_trail says:

    Clearly you’ve never had a greek landlord! I have and so no surprises here. Stereotypes aside, sorry that these fools drove down your property values by slighting these trees. Good news! RSU’s should cover your pain. I know mine will, I am ordering a sleek mahogany infused bathroom from fac 1 (tony is groaning in his grave) stat!