Clipper Cards and Satan

4 Responses to “Clipper Cards and Satan”

  1. troll says:

    If this is an amusing/funny tweet to you, you need to find some more interesting people to follow.

  2. MissionBernal says:

    Did you expect something fancy from Muni? You’re lucky they even know what the internet is.

  3. jd says:

    I don’t understand why looking at my history is so ridiculous on Clipper’s website. 1) Why can I only check my history twice a month? WTF?! Why does it matter how many times I check it? 2) Why does it have to be in a separate PDF document instead of just showing it on the web page like my bank statement, phone bill, etc?

    • Erik says:

      The system is more advanced that it use to be. You used to have to call the 800 number and someone there would send you a pdf of your transaction history.

      Apparently the website wasn’t designed to hook up directly to the system that handles the card transactions.