Karaoke game show tonight at Make-Out Room

Here’s more info:

“Wheel of Karaoke” is a fun and engaging karaoke game show judged and MC’d by local up-and-coming performers of comedy and music. Audience members receive a raffle ticket for the chance to compete, a la “The Price is Right”, and then spin the wheel of fate for an added challenge to be completed during the song such as singing while blindfolded or singing to a slower tempo. After the performance, they’re judged by the panelists on accuracy and creativity. Finally, the two top-scoring singers go head-to-head in a final round where they make use of costumes, audience members, dancing and any other gimmicks to create their best one-song act and receive the first place prize. Guest comedians, musicians, and vaudeville acts cameo throughout the night to make this a spectacle to behold – far above and beyond your granny’s karaoke!

Intense! RSVP here!

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    Thank you very much, great news, I love karaoke.