Here are the 12 songs I sang at karaoke in the month of August

This all started when I sang 45 songs in May and wanted to brag about it, but also, I just wholeheartedly want to give props to the local karaoke scene (and karaoke scenes around the world) for making me feel so good all the time. This month I sang an Ian Dury song for goodness’ sake! Can you imagine!?

  1. I Will Follow — U2
  2. Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick — Ian Dury
  3. All My Friends — LCD Soundsystem
  4. Ape Man — The Kinks
  5. Leave It Alone — NOFX
  6. Perfect Day — Lou Reed
  7. Could You Be Loved — Bob Marley
  8. It’s Oh So Quiet — Björk
  9. Tubthumping — Chumbawumba
  10. Pompeii — Bastille
  11. Boots — Nancy Sinatra
  12. Wannabe — Spice Girls

In particular, I want to mention KJ Eileen, who, in a crazy twist, doesn’t have a website! I think she does last Fridays of the month at Bender’s and some Sundays at Maggie McGarry’s in North Beach? Anyway thanks to her I got to sing the Kinks, NOFX and Lou Reed in one 2-hour period! I couldn’t believe my luck!

Also, “Pompeii” is exactly as fun as you’d imagine. Thanks, DJ Purple!

One Response to “Here are the 12 songs I sang at karaoke in the month of August”

  1. Animaldance says:

    i sang a death metal version of the smiths “ask” at el rio on sunday night. needless to say im hoping no one i know saw me…