Fire situation on Valencia Street

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In the old Abbott’s Cellar.

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(Thanks, Wesley.)

Bummerdude! The “I Can’t Afford to Love SF” t-shirt pop-up got burgled

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DSF 2″ just opened up a couple weeks ago and already this. Maybe swing by (24th between Mission and Valencia, or the original DSF on Haight between Fillmore and Steiner, or shop online if u lazy) do some Christmas shopping, help them out in this time of bummer.

[via Devon]

Check out Amos Goldbaum’s new mural at Clinton Park and Valencia

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor to close forever at the end of this weekend

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Mission Local reports:

The Roosevelt Tamale Parlor on 24th Street near York posted a sign outside its door that said it would be shutting down by the end of this coming Sunday, December 6.

The owners cited “personal health issues” and the “shrinking restaurant labor pool” for the closure, saying the low supply of workers has “fueled unsustainable wage expectations,” a problem Mission Local has written about before for storefronts on Valencia Street.

“We are losing a large part of our kitchen staff, and replacing them is too expensive,” said Aaron Presbrey, one of the restaurant’s owners. “We can’t sustain the place with the current wage expectations.”

Read on for more story, plus the full text of the restaurant’s original announcement.

Now, also note that they’re planning to start marketing their salsa and gravy as retail items, so maybe follow them on Facebook if you want to keep abreast of those developments.

[Photo by Shannon]

Control is an illusion; let there be socks

Best SF blogger of all time Brock Keeling the other day posted this thoughtful seasonal greeting on Facebook:

In between your unfollow-worthy posts about Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders, “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays,” imported vs. locally-sourced terrorism, and other Daily Show- vs. FOX News-inspired dreck you insist on shouting to followers who think and feel exactly the same way you do — far be it from me that I should tell anyone to stop screaming into a bag of birdseed! — cushion your self-righteous updates with one like my own:

Socks remain one of the most requested clothing items at homeless shelters, but rarely the most donated. Freezing temps, blisters, and infections are common conditions that can lead to more serious health issues for our homeless population. Go ahead and donate a bag or five of socks to your nearest shelter. (Black non-dress socks, imo, are ideal because they last longer and are better suited for inevitable job interviews.) But best of all, not only will you feel better inside your own crazy head, you’ll get to make pious, grandstanding posts like this one. Fabulous.

St. Anthony Foundation is a good place to start (details: Check your local shelters for drop-off info.

Get to work!


Note: the title of this post also refers to a post we did in 2009 involving another all-time blogging great, Tony Pierce, and the prospect of a Valencia Street American Apparel shop.

Lower Haight t-shirt emporium DSF opens popup satellite shop on 24th Street

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You know them for their famous I Can’t Afford to Love SF shirt, but you’ve probably never been to the shop because it’s in another neighborhood…

Well now’s your chance! (The popup is on 24th between Mission and Valencia, for a limited time.)

[via Devon Chulick, Mayor of the Lower Haight]

A new sneaker by Self Edge


Nice! Here’s the deal:

They’re comfortable, built very well, and the rubber/canvas/stitching quality is as good as it gets for a sneaker. The new Dessau sneakers are fully hand-made in Japan. They’re vulcanized at one of Japan’s last remaining factories still committed to this process and made from 100% cotton woven in Japan. But it’s only when you pick them up, or more importantly put them on your feet, that you’ll find what truly sets them apart. Feel that extra heft, that extra cushion. And the bar keeps rising…taped seams, metal eyelets and vents, double stitched stress points, full sponge insoles, reinforced heel and toe cups. A new gold standard for the classic sneaker.

Check them out here, or at the original Self Edge shop near 18th and Valencia.

(Despite wanting to support local business, as a lifelong Converse All-Star man, I probably won’t make the switch, but I think they look nice and the description is very well written.)

UPDATE: Kiya adds, “(and they’re not made in a sweatshop).” I guess that’s the main thing.

Dude, go see Baby Gramps at the Chapel this weekend

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I’m out of town on Sunday night, so I can’t make it. Here’s an email I wrote to some friends just now:

Hey guys, I just heard about a concert I think you should attend. Baby Gramps at the Chapel on Valencia Street, Sunday, November 22nd. He’s this old (like oooooooold) dude who plays old (like oooold) songs on a big old guitar. I saw him once by accident at Amnesia in like ’05 or so, and I’ve been trying to see him again ever since, but it hasn’t happened. He’s REAL old, but tremendously entertaining, and I bet it would be well worth the hardship of going out on a Sunday evening. I think he was friends with Lou Reed.

Tickets and more info here.

You can still have a good time on Valencia Street

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[via @RuubixCube]

Now please enjoy this list of romance-related posts dating all the way back to 2007…

KJ Paul returns to the Mission with karaoke at the Chapel this Wednesday!


Here’s the deal:

First ever Karaoke Night in The Vestry at The Chapel with San Francisco’s best KJ (Karaoke Jockey if you don’t know), KJ Paul! Formerly at El Rio every Wednesday, catch him here right on Valencia St and sing your head off with us.

RSVP and invite your friends!