What YES more pics of that ‘coolest guy in the Mission’ dog


Our pal Ben commented these on one of our Facebook posts about this guy. Thanks, Ben!


Now please enjoy the originals…

Haha just look at this dog again!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.21.47 AM

It’s a crisper pic this time than last time. Either way, love this guy.

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Just look at this dog


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Now please enjoy this list of previous posts about puppies…

If anybody finds a lost yellow parakeet…

Near 24th and San Jose.

(Thanks, Roya.)

Get yourself a cat

Mobile healthcare for your pet

One recent morning, as I was waking up by thumbing mindlessly through my phone, I noticed an unread email. A new veterinary service called VetPronto had found my adorable cat Arya’s blog and wanted to offer her a complimentary house call appointment. “The robots know everything,” I mumbled, dragging myself out of bed.

Later, while sorting through a mountainous pile of receipts (in case you didn’t know, freelance tax prep is one of the seven circles of hell), I came across the file I keep of my cat’s health records. Here were the facts: my cat was due for her next round of vaccines, the Affordable Care Act doesn’t cover feline children, and I couldn’t afford not to take VetPronto up on their offer. Not to mention that being stuffed into a crate and being literally cat-called on the 14L are among Arya’s least favorite activities.

I made an appointment with VetPronto through their website. The day of the appointment, a friendly vet named Dr. Hoppe arrived promptly. Arya was instantly at ease and barely noticed that needles were entering her body moments later. Dr. Hoppe was very patient and addressed all of my questions and concerns, leaving me feeling like a great cat mom. The whole thing was over in under 30 minutes.

Thank you, VetPronto, for making pet healthcare so painless and convenient. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

What kind of jerk steals a service dog? [Updated: The answer is maybe nobody]

Seriously!  This is even worse than that time someone stole a cat from a homeless guy.  Hopefully this story has a similar happy ending.

UPDATE: Got an email from attorney Stacey E. Stillman…

It was voluntarily surrendered by an individual to a nonprofit organization that cares for dogs.  There were concerns about the dog placement with this individual.  The individual then filed a police report claiming it had been stolen and the police file is closed because the dog was not stolen.  The posters unfortunately continue.  We are concerned the story based on the false claims on the posters has gone viral and could endanger the dog which is now safe, and anyone who may be seen with the dog.  I am the attorney representing the organization to which the dog was surrendered.


I wonder what became of this friendly kitty

Local blog te Aprecio just posted this photo, and labeled it as having been taken in 2011. A lot has changed in the area surrounding 19th and Hampshire since then.

I wonder how the kitty is doing.


Poop plea

Kids post the darnedest poop pleas.

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Since Ed Lee keeps blowing it as mayor of SF, shouldn’t we just elect Frida to be people mayor of the city instead of just dog mayor?


Seems like a valid question…