Cute little dog wants to greet you

Here’s a fluffy puppy peeking out of the top of a floral print backpack

[Photo and backpack by Motley Goods]

Save some animals, drink some cocktails

Party at the SPCA this Friday evening! Here’s the deal:

Join us for a party to toast the growth of San Francisco SPCA’s lifesaving adoption program in our newly remodeled space in the heart of the Mission. The new adoption center features an indoor dog park, San Francisco-themed cat condos, interactive technology designed to better help you meet your perfect pet, and more.

Why did we need a remodel? To expand our capacity and help more than 6,000 animals find loving homes each year. Come for cocktails at the hosted bar, food trucks, music, and to find your new best friend!

Read all about it!

Local dog likes to bury its owner in a mountain of sand and perch proudly atop it

Crissy Field rules!

[via Elle]

Canine motorists are just as frustrated by all this traffic as you are

“So do you think you can hurry up and move along, buddy?  Just trying to get home over here.”

The cutest little ugly dog in the neighborhood

Just look at this little guy, sitting there all alone while his owners brunch it up at St. Francis Fountain.  I definitely understand why he’s looking so pissed off, too–I mean, if I was missing out on their delectable biscuits and gravy, I’d probably feel the same way!

Hang in there, little fella!

The El Rio cat knows how to deal with this frigid weather


Sunny patio, heat lamp, and a Bloody Mary (not pictured) from what just might be the best bar in the city.

Ps. Don’t worry, Knockout! I still love you! I just wish you had a patio, too!

Look at this fluffy dog reclining in a beach chair

Reclining like a motherfucker!

[via Jeff Seal]

How to walk a dog

[via shimshang]

Now let’s rock out:

(The Sonics are playing their first Bay Area shows ever as part of the Total Trash Halloween Bash in a couple weeks btw. The Sonics. The Sonics.)

Segway poodle guy

You know him, you love him. And in case you don’t, Mission local Meesha explains:

I really like this guy. Rolls by on his Segway daily blasting some of the best low rider oldie jams on the daily. Today was particularly special, as he had a poodle tucked under his arm whilst sucking on a lollipop! What a legend.

Read on for more striking visuals.