SPCA is at cat-pacity! Free kittens for all!

According to their Twitter, SPCA’s cat shelter is positively overflowing with felines, so they’re waiving all cat and kitten adoption fees through Sunday! If you didn’t already know, cats are the best! Here are some reasons why:

  • They’re cute!
  • They’re warm! (Winter is coming.)
  • They’re really soft!
  • They have those funny pointy ears!
  • They do the darndest things!
  • They eat bugs and stuff!
  • They reduce anxiety!
  • They’re good at computers and technology!
  • They’re easier to take care of than plants!

Also, adopting a kitten was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made — I mean, just look at her! Don’t you want one too?

3D City: Wagging Tails

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

The dogs of the Mission, as seen through my Lumix 3D1. (With a bonus shot of a dog and a drone in Columbus Park, that looks weird because developing film can be tricky sometimes)


I wonder how that Caturday thing in Dolores Park turned out

I bet you’re wondering how that Caturday event in Dolores Park went. Well, our pal Wam Bam Ashleyanne and her pal Kristina attended, and they documented as much as they could for a very special radio project. Listen:

This Caturday: Bring your cat to the park day!

You’ve gato be kitten me, is this fur real? This one definitely gave me paws! Purrhaps the best thing since Whisker Wednesdays, or just a huge cat-astrophe waiting to happen? It’s freakin’ meowt!

RSVP and invite your furrriends here.

(No apawlogies.)

When San Francisco eventually becomes Palo Alto, all of the dogs will wear shoes

Shoes for dogs.


Cute little dog wants to greet you

Here’s a fluffy puppy peeking out of the top of a floral print backpack

[Photo and backpack by Motley Goods]

Save some animals, drink some cocktails

Party at the SPCA this Friday evening! Here’s the deal:

Join us for a party to toast the growth of San Francisco SPCA’s lifesaving adoption program in our newly remodeled space in the heart of the Mission. The new adoption center features an indoor dog park, San Francisco-themed cat condos, interactive technology designed to better help you meet your perfect pet, and more.

Why did we need a remodel? To expand our capacity and help more than 6,000 animals find loving homes each year. Come for cocktails at the hosted bar, food trucks, music, and to find your new best friend!

Read all about it!

Local dog likes to bury its owner in a mountain of sand and perch proudly atop it

Crissy Field rules!

[via Elle]

Canine motorists are just as frustrated by all this traffic as you are

“So do you think you can hurry up and move along, buddy?  Just trying to get home over here.”