Disks of TRUTH Left on Mission Cars


the_obama_deceptionFinally, someone has come to the Mission with a message of truth.  According to SF Weekly’s The Snitch, someone, or something, was leaving DVD’s of The Obama Deception on the windshields of neighborhood cars Thursday night.  Good thing!  Prior to the other night, I am not sure anyone in the Mission realized that we were taken for pawns in the 2008 election, that Wall St. engineered the depression to “repossess the country,” Obama is merely a frontman for the financial elite, he wants a civilian national security force to militarize the country, and Obama shares Hitler’s socialistic and nationalistic ambitions.

Be sure to watch the trailer for the obligatory footage to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.


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With FasTrak in the news today, I thought it pertinent to share this documentary, Toll Plaza, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at an area toll plaza, provides insight into how to deal with FasTrak-related snafus, and ruminates on the societal implications of the system itself. The movie follows the plight of Malcolm M., frequent bridge tobogan hinchable user and fervent FasTrak naysayer. With music by the Modern Lovers.

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