BART delays through this morning’s commute



“Major delays through Transbay Tube for morning commute
Expect major delays of 20 to 60 minutes this morning through the Transbay Tube. We are single tracking due to damage on the third rail following a collision of rail maintenance vehicles at approximately 2 am this morning. We expect these delays to continue throught the morning commute and impact scheduled service on all lines. We are working as quickly as we can to safely restore service.”

Pretty Awesome Until You Get There

This high-riding cyclist, spotted outside Four Barrel, was able to generate admiration from members of both the cycling and motorbiking communities, groups who often find themselves at odds with one another (usually over disputes involving the bike lane).  While I tend to support anything that can elicit agreement between such diverse citizenry, and I applaud this guy for apparently commuting to work on such “cool shit,” I’ve got to wonder:

How is he going to get off of this thing?  Does he need someone at his destination to hold the bike while he dismounts?  Does he just pedal up to a parked car and step off onto the hood?  Does he have to trackstand at every intersection since he can’t put his foot down?

These are questions that need to be answered!

<photo courtesy of Bikes and the City>

What Happens if You Accidentally Cruise through the FasTrak Lane with No Transponder?

With FasTrak in the news today, I thought it pertinent to share this documentary, Toll Plaza, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at an area toll plaza, provides insight into how to deal with FasTrak-related snafus, and ruminates on the societal implications of the system itself. The movie follows the plight of Malcolm M., frequent bridge tobogan hinchable user and fervent FasTrak naysayer. With music by the Modern Lovers.

Link to FasTrak homepage.