Pretty Awesome Until You Get There

This high-riding cyclist, spotted outside Four Barrel, was able to generate admiration from members of both the cycling and motorbiking communities, groups who often find themselves at odds with one another (usually over disputes involving the bike lane).  While I tend to support anything that can elicit agreement between such diverse citizenry, and I applaud this guy for apparently commuting to work on such “cool shit,” I’ve got to wonder:

How is he going to get off of this thing?  Does he need someone at his destination to hold the bike while he dismounts?  Does he just pedal up to a parked car and step off onto the hood?  Does he have to trackstand at every intersection since he can’t put his foot down?

These are questions that need to be answered!

<photo courtesy of Bikes and the City>

9 Responses to “Pretty Awesome Until You Get There”

  1. agenthypo says:

    I haven’t actually ridden a Tall Bike( but I have had a few friends that have built them. Getting on and off is usually a matter of a rolling start and climbing the frame like a latter from the side, some builders actually put pegs/steps in to make it easier. Dismount is pretty much the same, key is to keep a little momentum. As for stops, well the riders get very good at riding in small circles, at least from what I have seen.

    mount/dismount howto:

  2. johnny0 says:

    He actually can’t stop. It’s a tragic story — he went out for coffee one day in 1994 and has been odysseusly riding around the Mission ever since.

    • Lard says:

      It’s true! I help build that bike years ago… I am glad to see that it is still pounding the pavment. Roll on with your tall self.

  3. jfuz says:

    search for the nearest utility pole and grab on

  4. Og Cracker says:

    That’s my friend riding that thing, I have one too but its a little taller and “No Breaks” is the what you yell when riding at that ridiculous event in the desert. Getting a little old for the city thing but next time I find a little extra cheddar cheese Ima put down the custom cruiser and the Og (old man/big wheels) sk8board and slap some hand breaks on that fucker and start a bike club with my buddy that is in the picture. Tall bike jousting to the death to become a member. Yall fixie kids cant touch that with a 10 foot jousting pole.

  5. Og Cracker says:

    hey— can some rich guy loan me the money to get it fixed? I will put a custom sticker with your name on it on the bike and tell anyone who will listen that you are awesome. Thanks

  6. b-load says:

    yeh..ditto the utility pole thing

  7. cousin enzo says:

    heh heh, yes that’s me on tall Papa Smurf (big, silver & blue) … agenthypo is 100% correct .. mount and dismount while rolling, that’s when a bike is most stable – at speed. I did some work for my friends @ Box Dog Bikes 5 years ago on 14th Street, and asked to be paid with a tall bike. Laird @ Cyclecide did the welding. its everything a bike should be — wants to go fast, very stable especially the faster you go, handles nimbly, closest thing to winged flight I’ve found, yes even better than a motorcycle. and working on the track stand…

    • Og Cracker says:

      Hey, your kinda hot on that big tool. But seriously, dude, lets start a TALL BIKE CLUB (TBC). We could be the more sober version of “Black Label”. Tall Bike jousting to the death to become a member…are you into it? You already know me too from La Playa and mutual friends. Lets do it. I’m still waiting to hear back from some lucky rich person that wants to fund my tall bike upgrade.

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