Disaster morning

Well, it looks like Godzilla may have come through after all.

This morning around 9:15 a fire hydrant at 20th and Folsom showered El Faro. It has since been fixed.

(thanks, Chris!)

Then a tree came down onto a parked car on Valencia between 19th and 20th.

(thanks, Russell!)

And below, some pics by Rob and his eyewitness account. (which curiously does not mention Godzilla)

“It happened sometime around 11:40… during the scheduled construction at the Mission Playground facility… Somehow, no one was hurt, despite its smashing a parked car and falling into the south bound lane. Construction workers looked pretty pissed and nervous, although, appearing to be just as confused as to what caused it.”

(thanks Rob!)

UPDATE: Just realizing this may have less to do with Godzilla, and more to do with the aliens that crash landed behind Borderlands a few months ago.

Aliens Land Behind Borderlands!
(file photo by me)

What Happens if You Accidentally Cruise through the FasTrak Lane with No Transponder?

With FasTrak in the news today, I thought it pertinent to share this documentary, Toll Plaza, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at an area toll plaza, provides insight into how to deal with FasTrak-related snafus, and ruminates on the societal implications of the system itself. The movie follows the plight of Malcolm M., frequent bridge tobogan hinchable user and fervent FasTrak naysayer. With music by the Modern Lovers.

Link to FasTrak homepage.