Crème baby bootie brûlée

Probably the best part about having an actual brick & mortar shop instead of a mere food cart is the ability to finally have an on-site diaper-changing station.  In case you were wondering where the caramel comes from…

(Thanks peoplemagicloveorangerubberglove!)

Better view after the jump…


Guaranteed Shit Show: Mission Minis Grand Opening 2pm

Oh boy, Mission Minis little cupcake kiosk will have it’s grand opening today at 2pm on 22nd b/t Mission and Capp. Pizza Hacker will be there, because if anything goes great with little cupcakes, it’s pizza.

Oh, and there’s gonna be a bunch of free stuff. Creme Brûlée Cart is giving away 100 free mini creme brûlées (fuck, that word has way too many accent characters). Try not to get trampled.