Debaser’s 4th anniversary party, and the end of Debaser as we know it, kinda

This Saturday, Debaser celebrates its 4th anniversary with a special party at the Elbo Room, featuring 90s rock downstairs, 90s hip hop upstairs, and prizes for the best 90s rock and hip hop T-shirts. RSVP and invite your friends!

This will apparently also be the last Debaser in its current format. Henceforth and through the end of 2012, Debaser will take place on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Knockout, and each Debaser will use music from one year only (but spanning both rock and hip hop), starting with 1989 and ending with 1999. You can RSVP to the first of this series here.

[Photo via treatzone on Flickr]

90s Hip Hop Dance Party at Debaser This Saturday

If you haven’t made plans for the weekend yet, they’ve got you covered:

we are going to be doing a big all bay area hip hop night at the knockout this weekend and i’ve probably blown 600 dollars and three months getting ready for it.

its going to be the full range of bay area classics: Mac Dre, E40, RBL Posse, San Quinn, Dru Down, Mac Mall, Master P, the Click, the Whoridas, the Luniz, Too Short, 2pac, Digitial Underground, Spice One, Dre Dog, Keak Da Sneak, Del, Casual, Souls of Mischief, 415, Total Devastation, pretty much anything you can think of.

It’s FREE with a Bay Area Hip Hop T-shirt or any Giants’ gear.  And if you need some Giants’ gear, we’ve got you covered:

Vintage Giants Hat at Afterlife

Giants Converse

How Giants Roll

RSVP to Facebook if you are so inclined.

[Photo from SFweekly]

Indie Slash at the ATTIC tonight!!!

So now that Blow Up is officially dead, where will the under-21 crowd flock to next?  Hopefully not to the Attic, because Danny White will be taking over the place as he does every time the last Friday of the month rolls around, and I don’t want to feel like a creep while I’m there.  Furthermore, the pitcher-plant-like nature of the Attic conspires to trap every Mission fly who wanders through the door and down its liquor-lined corridor in that tangle of limbs, sweat, and flannel that is the dance floor, so there’s really no escape.

I captured the above scene last month at the Attic, and I must say that the man knows how to keep a crowd moving and captivated.  His energetic mix echoed everything from Holy Ghost and Hot Chip to the Pet Shop Boys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  And look how he gets into it over there on the left!  He’s been at it for a while too, as this Flickr page from 2005 can attest.

Maybe it will even give those Debaser folks a run for their money.

Ps.  No flame war plz!!!