Dance to 8 years of Indie Slash tonight!

Danny White has been doing his thing for years now, and even though he can’t do it at the Attic anymore because of some NIMBY nonsense, he’s nonetheless been keeping the party going at Amnesia instead.  Tonight marks 8 fucking years of spinning everything from Holy Ghost and Hot Chip to the Pet Shop Boys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which is a pretty damn long time to stay in the game!  There’s also going to be a documentary filming earlier in the evening, so stop on by if you’ve got some stories to share!

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No More DJs at the Attic

That is, if one particular NIMBY neighbor has his or her way.  The Attic has endured as one of the best places in the Mission to get a cheap drink and sweat the night away while dancing to frenetic DJs who know their shit.  It’s also one of the best places to get so hammered that you black out and wake up the next morning in a room full of exquisite hats, but that’s a story for another time.

Unfortunately, one neighbor is so fed up with the hot tunes that he is resorting to a lawsuit in order to squelch all the fun.  He is suing the Attic for personal damages because he can’t sleep at night, focusing on the technicality that the bar is not allowed to play any music since it doesn’t have a cabaret license.   Without a cabaret license, the Attic is on the hook for a $1000 fine should the cops deign to show up for a noise complaint. 

Since it doesn’t appear that an amicable solution can be reached without the NIMBY in question moving out of the Mission to quieter digs (ask Ike’s about that one), it seems that only a legal battle will ultimately determine the fate of DJs at the Attic.

So, should you get the opportunity, contribute to the Attic legal defense fund by stopping by to swig some Racer 5.

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Indie Slash at the ATTIC tonight!!!

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Indie Slash at the ATTIC tonight!!!

So now that Blow Up is officially dead, where will the under-21 crowd flock to next?  Hopefully not to the Attic, because Danny White will be taking over the place as he does every time the last Friday of the month rolls around, and I don’t want to feel like a creep while I’m there.  Furthermore, the pitcher-plant-like nature of the Attic conspires to trap every Mission fly who wanders through the door and down its liquor-lined corridor in that tangle of limbs, sweat, and flannel that is the dance floor, so there’s really no escape.

I captured the above scene last month at the Attic, and I must say that the man knows how to keep a crowd moving and captivated.  His energetic mix echoed everything from Holy Ghost and Hot Chip to the Pet Shop Boys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  And look how he gets into it over there on the left!  He’s been at it for a while too, as this Flickr page from 2005 can attest.

Maybe it will even give those Debaser folks a run for their money.

Ps.  No flame war plz!!!