How to survive the next San Francisco earthquake

TK has a series of tips for before, during and after. Here’s some of the after:

- The first thing you should do is try and figure out who your Leader will be in the Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare that you now inhabit. Try to gravitate towards people wearing animal skins and carrying guns. The Leader should be charismatic but also quietly assured and have a spiritual side that he doesn’t reveal, except maybe in one scene with Mila Kunis.

- You will need to rebuild the shattered world, so be the first to loot a nearby hardware store.

- Try to stay out of the Rivers of Blood. God knows what weird diseases those people had.

Solid advice, TK! Read on.

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Donate responsibly to Japan

Obviously you’ve heard about the horrible news coming in from Japan by now, and may have even gone out to Ocean Beach to check out the 4 foot waves that are rolling in as we speak (how do you determine which waves are tsunami waves versus normal ones when they’re average height, anyone know?)  If you want to donate to help the people affected by this tragedy, please do yourself a favor and go through a reputable charity and not a random URL you found on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a link (and another one here) you can check out if you need to get your Good Samaritan vibes flowing. (And be sure to slap this post all over Facebook and Twitter, for people to find randomly.) Remember kids, stay away from the water’s edge, keep an emergency safety kit handy just in case, and stop texting me “ARE YOU OK, TSUNAMI IN SF??”  if you’re on the East Coast – I’m fine, thanks.

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Massive Hawaiian tourism board ads flood tsunami coverage in area RSS readers

Though the SFist editorial team’s work here is solid as ever. See for yourself.

Dudes with goatees and hats react to Japanese earthquake/teenage bridge jumper

For the record, this was submitted anonymously by a reader. These are not my friends.

Local surfer blog prepares for coming tsunami

Bring it on!

[via Male Awareness Day]

Burning buildings surf Japanese countryside atop raging tsunami flood waters



CNN makes me watch hell of dumb Swiffer commercial before letting me watch tsunami video

San Francisco online community reacts to Japanese earthquake/tsunami news

Earthquake in Japan

I’m at karaoke night at Jack’s, I’ve just finished singing “Excitable Boy” by Warren Zevon, a girl is starting into “Dock of the Bay.” I look up at the TVs and see a mudslide about to wipe out a bustling rural highway. The mudslide wipes out the bustling rural highway.

The man in the helicopter shooting this live NHK footage sees this and points the camera away. The man behind the bar sees this and changes the channel.

Cheers! “Norm!”

A tsunami will destroy the Marina

So hopefully a tsunami does not arrive.

[Tsunami Inundation Map] [Thanks, MC.]