Donate responsibly to Japan

Obviously you’ve heard about the horrible news coming in from Japan by now, and may have even gone out to Ocean Beach to check out the 4 foot waves that are rolling in as we speak (how do you determine which waves are tsunami waves versus normal ones when they’re average height, anyone know?)  If you want to donate to help the people affected by this tragedy, please do yourself a favor and go through a reputable charity and not a random URL you found on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a link (and another one here) you can check out if you need to get your Good Samaritan vibes flowing. (And be sure to slap this post all over Facebook and Twitter, for people to find randomly.) Remember kids, stay away from the water’s edge, keep an emergency safety kit handy just in case, and stop texting me “ARE YOU OK, TSUNAMI IN SF??”  if you’re on the East Coast – I’m fine, thanks.

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One Response to “Donate responsibly to Japan”

  1. What does it matter? In the end, someone will end up dancing on our money while wearing panties on his head.