Dial B For Beretta

As someone without a tap-tap-tap smartphone, I often use GOOG-411 to dial up local establishments while away from the www.   Boop beep bamp bompbomp… I’ll connect you!

This past weekend, unfortch, attempts at reaching Beretta (Valencia at 23rd) were all sorts of messed.

Voice search pronunciations carried out included: brrrr-eh-tah, bee-reh-duh, beh-re-TA!, and so forth.  Attempts were made by three parties of mixed age, gender, and socioeconomic status.  No dice!

Goog did, however, pull up the following results:

  • Goodwill (wha?)
  • Baraka (almost!)
  • Piranha (eh.)
  • Ghirardelli Square (pronounced: grrr-ARRGHHH… delisquare)

Sure, okay, I’ll dine at Goodwill.

READERS: Try this one at home! If you figure out the correct way to pronounce “Beretta” for GOOG-411ing purposes, make me a reservation. The caponatina with burrata (#56 on the 7×7 list) makes eggplant relevant again (sorry, eggplant).