No, I Need YOUR Information

Imagine enjoying an Improved Whiskey Cocktail along with a Margherita with Burrata at Beretta when your pal informs you that your motorcycle parked out front was just knocked over by a car.  That’s what happened to this fellow on the right, who immediately came outside to inspect the damage.  The woman on the left had been attempting to exit the above parking spot when she backed into the bike, and wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the protestations of those waiting outside for a table at the popular establishment.  The following exchange ensued:

Biker: “Oh shit.  Oh shit shit shit.  Ahmm, I’m going to need your information, ma’am.”

Driver: “And I’m going to need your information too.”

Biker: “What?”

Driver:  ”Well, you were parked illegally behind me, and I didn’t see your motorcycle when I tried to back out of this space.”

Biker: “What?”

I didn’t stick around to witness the resolution of the conflict, but I’m certain that you dear readers can weigh in with regard to the logistics of this operation.  You’ve already told us why it’s really bad for scooters to get knocked over, so I can only hope this ended well.

Breaking Beretta Burrata Business at 'bric8!

Not to be to be outdone, Beretta is getting in on this whole street food thing starting tonight at Fabric8 for their weekly cart meetup from 6-8pm.

Good thing the PizzaHacker wont be there tonight, otherwise there might have been a throwdown likes of which would have put last night’s Mission Bay McDonalds rumble to shame. On the other hand, their dish of choice will be the non-pizza eggplant caponatina with burrata.

This was #56 in the 2009 7×7 100 things to eat before you die, which I was working on before I realized that it had a lot of stuff that was not in the Mission and therefore difficult to work up the motivation to get to. It’s amazing and has impressed at least 3 eggplant haters I’ve known.

Dial B For Beretta

As someone without a tap-tap-tap smartphone, I often use GOOG-411 to dial up local establishments while away from the www.   Boop beep bamp bompbomp… I’ll connect you!

This past weekend, unfortch, attempts at reaching Beretta (Valencia at 23rd) were all sorts of messed.

Voice search pronunciations carried out included: brrrr-eh-tah, bee-reh-duh, beh-re-TA!, and so forth.  Attempts were made by three parties of mixed age, gender, and socioeconomic status.  No dice!

Goog did, however, pull up the following results:

  • Goodwill (wha?)
  • Baraka (almost!)
  • Piranha (eh.)
  • Ghirardelli Square (pronounced: grrr-ARRGHHH… delisquare)

Sure, okay, I’ll dine at Goodwill.

READERS: Try this one at home! If you figure out the correct way to pronounce “Beretta” for GOOG-411ing purposes, make me a reservation. The caponatina with burrata (#56 on the 7×7 list) makes eggplant relevant again (sorry, eggplant).