No, I Need YOUR Information

Imagine enjoying an Improved Whiskey Cocktail along with a Margherita with Burrata at Beretta when your pal informs you that your motorcycle parked out front was just knocked over by a car.  That’s what happened to this fellow on the right, who immediately came outside to inspect the damage.  The woman on the left had been attempting to exit the above parking spot when she backed into the bike, and wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the protestations of those waiting outside for a table at the popular establishment.  The following exchange ensued:

Biker: “Oh shit.  Oh shit shit shit.  Ahmm, I’m going to need your information, ma’am.”

Driver: “And I’m going to need your information too.”

Biker: “What?”

Driver:  ”Well, you were parked illegally behind me, and I didn’t see your motorcycle when I tried to back out of this space.”

Biker: “What?”

I didn’t stick around to witness the resolution of the conflict, but I’m certain that you dear readers can weigh in with regard to the logistics of this operation.  You’ve already told us why it’s really bad for scooters to get knocked over, so I can only hope this ended well.

14 Responses to “No, I Need YOUR Information”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    That chick has about a light year’s worth of space to back out of, and she STILL hit the bike? Definitely not a local.

  2. Christi says:

    I find it hard to believe that hitting the bike did any damage whatsoever to her car. On the otherhand.. poor bike :(

  3. Stony says:

    In any auto accident both parties should exchange insurance info – there needn’t be any competition, but in this case I highly doubt the motorcyclist would be found at fault. Even if someone is illegally parked (not saying he was in this case), it doesn’t give anyone the legal right to run into their vehicle. Also not a bad idea to get phone numbers of witnesses who can back up the truth.

  4. Kylem1701 says:

    Is everyone here and there at the time understand that you need to call the police and have them decide who was in the wrong and file a report? I know hipsters and cops don’t mix, but sometimes they are useful. Besides, no insurance company is going to pay out without a police report. Call the cops next time. And if the person who hit you says they don’t have time they are fleeing the scene of and accident, which is a crime.

    • Jack Walker says:

      SFPD doesn’t respond to traffic accidents. They claim they are too busy fighting crime.

      • Kylem1701 says:

        Bullshit. I bumped a truck last week and didn’t even leave a dent and they were there in 20 minutes. They have to come out. But get stuck with a dent nobody will pay for just because you’re cynical to the point of retardation.

    • hoboking says:

      “Hipsters and cops don’t mix”

      Not sure if this is a truism or not, but these are Barreta patrons. I assure you over-indulged, entitled jack asses who loiter in the bike lane and on the sidewalk while waiting to get mediocre pseudo-Tuscan will call the cops at the drop of the i-Phone.

  5. Macho Energy Police says:

    1. There is no ‘blindspot’ defense in traffic accidents.
    2. The insurance company will pay.
    3. She is a jockstrap.

  6. Evan says:

    My motorcycle and scooter have been knocked over by bad parkers about 8 or so times now. Hit and run every single time, I’ve never found a note offering so much as an apology for the damage.

  7. magoo says:

    i was at a bar on 6th and market Anu, and i saw this same thing happen not once, but twice….i think this might have been the incident in the story above actually, if not it looks like the same bike….

    any ways the second time the bike was knocked over the driver tried to peel out but the road was wet because it started raining and hella people outside anu ran up i saw one dude grab the hood as the car was moving and he slid like 5 or 6 feet due to the slickness of the Asphalt and the retardedness of the driver….

    • Excuse me… I am curious about your reasons for choosing to capitalize the words “Anu” (if that is a word) and “Asphalt”… do you have a reason for these shift-key operations, if I may ask?

  8. Gutierrez says:

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