Cat Party at Bender's

In case you missed soon-to-be Orange County punk legends Cat Party a few weeks ago at Bender’s, Andy Miller (who last brought us the supremely metaphysical “Women on the Women’s Building“) has you covered here with a quick and dirty interview interwoven with some of their best tunes.  Singer and guitarist Ryan Nichols has a lot to say about everything from San Francisco vs. Orange County to fast vs. slow songs.

If you like what you see, they’re playing again on New Year’s Eve Eve (December 30th) at the Hemlock along with the frenetic Face the Rail and (once again) my band, La Corde.  Stick that in your planner!

12 Galaxies' Wraparound Mezzanine: Perfect Vantage Point from which to Observe Toby Dammit's Percussatory Chops

02-02-08_2328, originally uploaded by allanhough.

Went to the Jessie Evans show at 12 Galaxies instead of the Hemlock or Gilman ones, with the express purpose of standing right above Toby Dammit. Watching him annihilate those skins was even bettar than anticipated. Jessie Evans did some stuff too.